Saturday, December 1, 2007

Well, here it is, December. AHHHH! where did all the time go? I can officially say i have started shopping for Christmas (I have 1 thing). LOL I have been trying to finish up a bunch of WIP's, i really want as many as i can get done, finished! I have WAY too many going and need to really cut down on too many projects at once. (i have probably about 25 going)

Here are a couple recent finishes for me. French Sampler Reindeer by JBW designs and a free pattern of a biscournu which i finished yesterday. I will definitely be stitching more biscournu's. that was alot of fun, tedious, but fun to put together. i added a ribbon to make it an ornament but didn't add a button in the middle of this one, i will on my next one.

It should be a very stitchy day here in AZ. We had rain, yes, RAIN, all day yesterday and it looks to be starting again soon. the wind is really kicking up too and the sky is very very dark. it is absolutely wonderful! We never get rain, never, so we just love it when it does and of course we get flooded everywhere. We also do not have sewers(sp) for the rain to go down.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We had a wonderful day with the family over for dinner. there was only 7 of us plus 2 little ones, our kids were with their mom/dad's for the holiday. Lots of food and lots of dessert. yummy! Beautiful weather here in AZ, it was in the high 70's today, perfect!

Here is Bubble by M Designs that i finished last month. very fun quick stitch. I will have more soon, i have quite a bit of finishes from the last month.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanksgiving is almost here....

And here are a couple of my recent finishes.....

this one is by Shepherd's Bush, Give Thanks. I made it into a little half flat fold (LOL). I have it on a plate stand.

I just don't understand why it keeps putting the picture above my text when i add the pic after my typing! GRRRRR

Here is Happy Thanksgiving Holiday snapper by Bent Creek made into a no sew cube.

Friday, October 26, 2007

My first Blog

Hi All! This is my first attempt at creating a blog so let's see what happens. LOL I have created this blog to share my love of stitching with others with the same interest.

Here is a pic of a small finish i finished into a no sew cube this afternoon for my nephew. He wanted me to stitch this small design for him (he is 4) that i stitched for myself last year. It is by Sanman Originals called "My Aching Bones". This was a very very fast stitch and fun to put together. I used aida (which i never use) but i fell in love with the color (fluoro green).
well, it's getting late and have a busy weekend.