Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's September already?

And it is still hot here in AZ. ugh! I cannot wait for the day to open the doors and windows and no AC. I haven't been getting much stitching done lately, don't know if it's the heat or the combination of the heat and the grandbaby. He does take up alot of time but so worth it. Shane is 6 months old now and starting to crawl, lord help us now and just started sitting himself up by himself in the last couple days. He is such a chunker.

And here is Shane with Madison, Melissa's daughter and our grandbaby. Melissa is a third daughter to us, as best friend to our daughter and has lived with us on and off. look at all that hair on little Madi.

I was asked by Sharon Crescent of Crescent Colours/Miss Crescents Crowne to stitch and finsih and couple ornaments for her this year. What fun is that?! Here is Jolly that she stitched and I finished for the JCS Ornament issue. I corded some fun fur in lime green and couched it on around the edges, fun!

And here is the one I stitched and finished for Sharon for the JCS Preview issue. very fun. Used a red satin ribbon and ruched it around the edges and twisted a bendable wire for the hanger with a couple red jingle bells.

I do have a couple little finished i managed to stitch up and finish last night for myself. I have to take pics of some of my other larger wip's i have been working on, but really need to get moving on my exchange pieces for the PALS retreat in Oct in Myrtle Beach.
Here is Jolly by Miss Crescent's Crowne from the JCS ornie issue that I stitched up for myself.

Here is Happy Halloween by Fresh Threads Studio that i stitched up for myself as well. It is stitched on 30ct WDW Pumpkin and i made the hanger out of bendable wire and just threaded the buttons through it.

And here is Life's A Beach by Lizzie Kate that i finished up during the summer.

I just wanted to stop by real quick and let you all know I am alive just been really busy with this little guy.