Thursday, January 29, 2009

Boo! new pic

Well, i finally took another picture of the BOO! piece i posted below. I took this one outside and it definitely shows the color of the fabric much better!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Smalls, smalls, smalls

Well i have been busy stitching a few smaller designs this week. Now i just need to finish them off.

Believe by Sampler Girl stitched on white opalescent scrap fabric i had with DMC 907

All Flakes Welcome by Sisters & Best Friends on sky opalescent fabric using DMC

A Tudor Rose Valentine by Debbie Draper Designs stitched on 32ct coffee dyed fabric using Sister Scarlet (i think) Belle Soie

I also made a floss tag using a design i stitched sometime ago, SB A Friend.

After a long morning of MRI's (2 1/2 hours worth) I came home and their was a package waiting for me from Carol S. for the HOE Valentine's Exchange. Carol made me a really cute floss tag from a Sampler Girl's pattern Love Birds and she also added some really fun goodies. Thanks again Carol!

Well, it's getting late, been a long day!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Valentine finish, exchange rec'd and more

HI all! I have a couple small finishes to show. One is Bee Mine by Barbara Ana, it is a freebie that can be found on this was a quick one night stitch. Behind the finish is the fabric i picked for the backing of it, once i decide how to finish it. I also stitched today this cute little pumpkin BOO! this is also a free design from The Stitcherhood and can be found here I stitched this one on a piece of Rust colored linen but the picture doesn't do it justice at all

I was in the Lizzie Kate exchange on the HOE board and my exchange arrived today. It is the cutest little needlebook that Pam stitched for me. I LOVE it! Along with it, Pam sent along LK's Wear a Smile pattern signed by Linda of LK, The Workbaskets frog, swan house chart from my wish list and a chocolate bar that just didn't make it to the picture, but man was it yummy!!!! I had to stick it in the fridge for a bit since it was 80 out today, it was a little melted but not bad at all until my nephew squeezed it. LOL Thank you sooo much Pam!!!

Also i heard that Amy rec'd her mattress pincushion from the MAW board that i stitched for her. It is the JBW bunny and i stitched it over 1 using red Vicki Clayton silks, Amy's favorite, bunnies and red.

I have a couple exchanges that haven't arrived at their new homes yet so will have to wait for those pics for another time.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

MAW rec'd and a small finish

Hi! Well last week i rec'd a scissor pocket (pochette) from Jill from the MAW board. I absolutely love it. It's red and quaker, PERFECT!

I also have started and finished "Stash Keep" by Homespun Elegance that Michele sent me for Christmas. Now hopefully this weekend, maybe i will finish it onto the tin she also sent. This was such a fun quick stitch. I stitched it on some coffee dyed fabric using some leftover "greenish" silks i had on hand.

I have about 3 or 4 other finishes as well but can't show them yet. You have to wait for those to be rec'd first.

Not much else really going on around here. It is warm, in the mid 70's all week long. I also got my IV taken out on Sunday, whew! I was tired of eating everything in site from the meds. I am feeling better now that the steroids are finally kicking out of my system. Going to have a low key weekend and maybe a finishing weekend as well.

Friday, January 9, 2009

My PIF winners are.........

my niece picked two names out of her little people mini van. LOL and here they are.............

Susan and GoldenAngelWorks

Congrats! please send me your mailing addresses to my email and remember to post the rules to your blog to keep the PIF moving. (

Sorry i am late in doing the draw, it's been a heck of a week here. I have been having some issues with my legs for the last 6 weeks on and off due to the MS. The dr. put me on IV Steroids on Tuesday, well i didn't start until wednesday. The nurse they sent out couldn't get iv in (3 times), the 2nd nurse couldn't do it in 2 tries. I was done with them for the day. SO they sent the 3rd nurse out wednesday morning and god bless her, first try. So i am on the third day today of iv steroids, DH hooks them up for me and after the hour he takes it out (not the actual iv). and again until Sunday. it's a 5 day treatment. This is the only way to get rid of flare-ups, as long as that is what it is and not a more permanent thing. but i don't think it is.

So it's been a bit of a rough week. I will post in a bit with some stitching pics. I have been able to stitch though, whew! i get to keep my sanity while eating everything in the house and being hyper (it's the roids). LOL

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

Well, another year has gone and a new one arrived! Where has the time gone? The boys are in the 2nd semester of their freshmen year in high school now, only 3 more years for them. Caitie just graduated in December from high school and starting junior college this month, then off to university in fall (not sure which one yet and she is walking with her hs graduating class in May, she wants all the hoopla that goes along with graduation and i am glad as we told her she was doing it anyways). LOL Here in Arizona it is now Javalina hunting season and the boys have been out all weekend looking for stinky pigs. LOL Dustin was the first to get his (he is 15) and this was his first big game animal he took and with bow and arrow. DH also got his this weekend, now Josh has a bit more hunting to go and hopefully he will get his piggy as well. LOL So as of right now, we will have about 100lbs of javalina chorizo in the freezer, yum, NOT. Everyone in the family eats it but me. oh well, they are feeding the family, etc and enjoying great time with dad.

Our New Year's Eve was quite quiet here. We just ordered some pizzas and hung out around the house for the night. The boys were all in bed early because the 1st was their first day of pig hunting, up bright (well not so bright) and early. Caitie and i stayed up playing rummy and went to bed just after midnight.

Well, i do have my first finish of 2009. I finished up yesterday, Christmas is Forever kit from Lizzie Kate. This was a very fun and colorful piece to stitch. I just loved the colors. I have also picked out my fabric and threads for the Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler SAL piece that i am going to start on Wednesday. I chose 36ct (stitching over 1) cream edinburgh but i coffee dyed/baked it and it turned out really good and for my threads i chose Deep Sea and Oatmeal GAST. I think it will look really good together.

I have a few exchanges that need to be finished up and/or started so can't show pics of them just yet. In good time.