Sunday, January 23, 2011

More of the Crazy Challenge and a finish!

I have some updates for my Crazy Challenge.
Day 9 - Quaker Silence by Tree of Life Samplings. I haven't gotten too far yet, but will be picking it up real soon to get moving on it. I switched out the threads to Crescent Colours cottons and really liking it so far and using the 40ct fabric listed.

Day 10 - Love Photobooth by Bent Creek. I just started this one the other night so it has been added to my list and one of them has dropped off. This is being stitched on the fabric included and i changed up the colors just a little. LOL

Day 11 - Eek Boo Hiss by Lizzie Kate. I am stitching this one on 32ct tobacco over 1. I will be doing all three on this one piece and making a cube out of them.

Day 12 - Five Fine Roosters by La D Da. I just started this one today. I am stitching it on 40ct over 2 with the DMC listed.

Day 13 - Thine is the Trick or Treat by Prairie Moon. I started this one last weekend when i was away at a retreat. I couldn't put this one down for quite awhile and almost have page 1 of 6 done. This is going to be a really fun piece to stitch up.

Day 14 - Hearts on canvas. This is my first piece of needlepoint. I decided to go with a pattern and blank canvas.

I am just starting up on Day 15 Quaker Garden by BBD and will post a pic this week.
I did manage to finish up I Will Stitch YOu in my Heart while at the retreat and America by Glory Bee. I left off the border on America as i am going to make this one into a little pillow.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crazy Challenge continues on.....

Well, i haven't kept up everyday with a new project but i am continuing my 15 day crazy challenge until i hit the 15. :)
Day 4 - i started on SB Patriotic Thoughts. not much progress but its a start.

Day 5 - CEC - Why is it? This is going to be a quick one. I changed the colors to only use 3 or 4 colors and am using Sullivans thread that Faye had sent to me in an exchange. :)

Day 6 - LK Dog Lessons I am stitching this piece on 36ct over 2 on an opalescent fabric but cannot remember the name of it right now, next time i pull it out i will update the color and using the recommended threads.

Day 7 - Good Huswife - Three Crows - this is being stitched on 40ct over 2 with the threads called for in DMC. once i get moving on this border it will be a quick stitch.

Day 8 - Shakespearre Peddler - Love the Spring stitching on 32ct linen using the dmc called for except for the 550 which is a deep purple and just didn't go, so i changed it to more of a mauve that matched a bit better.

I also finished up my first piece for the UP for a Challenge blog. It is Birds and Berries Needleroll from BBD. This was from the class i took from them in July at the Silver Needle. Now to just finish it up into a needleroll and i have everything finished from the class. :)

And I have decided to do a SAL with Kathrin from Gitta's. She started a 15 sided biscornu, and she is designing the piece as we go along. So i have chosen my fabric 28ct Tin Roof using Caron Colors Waterlilies and dmc 451 and 370 for the border. I haven't started yet, but should be soon.

It was recently Michele's birthday and i had stitched a couple pieces for her. First is the little pincushion by Shakespearre peddler and finished into the Ball jar lid. this was a fun one for sure. And the other piece is by The Stitcherhood and i finished it into a needlebook.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 3

Day 3 of the 15 day crazy challenge was Simple Joys by LHN. I also have a few other starts that i need to take pics of. I was stitching and finishing a gift but have another 3 or 4 new starts. :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Up For A Challenge wip's/ufo's

I have also joined the Up for A Challenge blog so hopefully i can get some of my wip's/ufo's finished up this year too. So i can only get the slideshow to work at the bottom of my blog, so the slideshow from flickr of my wip's is at the bottom here. :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Crazy Challenge Day 1 & 2

Here is my Crazy Challenge Day 1 start on I Will Stitch You in My Heart by Heartstrings Sampler. not bad, got quite a bit done on it. :)

And here is day 2. I started on Quaker Garden Box by Carolina House. I had already started this one, but not much at all so this is my progress on Day 2.

For Day 3 (today) I am working on Simple Joys by LHN and finishing up stitching on another piece i have been working on.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year, Goodies and Crazy Challenge

Happy New year everyone! here's hoping 2011 brings you all joy and happiness!
During the Christmas holiday i received a couple Christmas goodies from a couple wonderful friends. First i received this box of goodies from Michele. She stitched me Merry Christmas by Carriage House and made this gorgeous pillow. Michele also included a few little fun things for my niece and nephew and they loved them! Also there were some very yummy cookies (of which i think i got to eat 1 of them as teh boys found them) and teh yummy chex mix she makes. But didn't get pics of them fast enough. LOL Thank you so much again Michele.

I also had another little surprise show up from another wonderful friend Diane whom i just met in October in Myrtle Beach at the PALS retreat. There are lots of goodies in here from Diane along with the cute ornament she stitched. The lotion managed to find its way into Allison's (my niece 4 yrs old) backpack. LOL she is a lotion fool and loved it so how could i resist. Thank you again Diane!

Faye sent me another one of her wonderful pillows she stitched for the Friends stitching through the seasons exchagne. This was the last exchange of the year for us. Faye also included some 32t fabric, buttons, notepad and red thread. I love everything.

For the BBD exchange I received this pretty little pincushion from the Winter Wonderland leaflet stitched by Barbara from Maine. She also included some fabric, one of the BBD books. Thank you so much!

As for the Crazy Challenge, I have joined it, since I am crazy and a glutten for punishment. It was hard to narrow down my choices to 15 so i have a little back up list as well. BUT, I do have a couple pieces that i had already started but not much at all in my list. I will also be challenging myself with my WIP's. I counted them and am hanging my head in shame with how many i have. I plead the 5th on that one. But i will be widdling away at those as well. I pulled out about 5 of them to start with that i want to finish up first, then will pull another, etc etc. So, here is my lst for the Crazy Challenge:
1-Three Crows - Goode Huswife
2-Quaker Garden Box - Carolina House
3-Quaker Silence - Tree of Life
4-Simple Joys - LHN
5-Charmed Great Outdoors - Hinzeit
6-Patriotic Thoughts - SB
7-Eek Boo Hiss - LK
8-I will stitch you in my heart - Heartstrings Samplers
9-Quaker Garden - BBD
10-Why Is it? - CEC
11-Autumn @ Hawk Run Hollow - CHS
12-Five Fine Roosters - La D Da
13-Dog Lessons - LK
14-Love the Spring - Shakespearres Peddler
15-Thine is The Trick or Treat - Prairie Moon

For Christmas one of my presents from Doug was a desk from Ikea for my craft room. I can now keep the sewing machine set up at all times and not have to drag it out to the kitchen every time i want to use it. I now have my own little space to do my finishing, etc. I am so happy with it. It's a bit messy as i am still trying to organize it the way i like it.