Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year, Goodies and Crazy Challenge

Happy New year everyone! here's hoping 2011 brings you all joy and happiness!
During the Christmas holiday i received a couple Christmas goodies from a couple wonderful friends. First i received this box of goodies from Michele. She stitched me Merry Christmas by Carriage House and made this gorgeous pillow. Michele also included a few little fun things for my niece and nephew and they loved them! Also there were some very yummy cookies (of which i think i got to eat 1 of them as teh boys found them) and teh yummy chex mix she makes. But didn't get pics of them fast enough. LOL Thank you so much again Michele.

I also had another little surprise show up from another wonderful friend Diane whom i just met in October in Myrtle Beach at the PALS retreat. There are lots of goodies in here from Diane along with the cute ornament she stitched. The lotion managed to find its way into Allison's (my niece 4 yrs old) backpack. LOL she is a lotion fool and loved it so how could i resist. Thank you again Diane!

Faye sent me another one of her wonderful pillows she stitched for the Friends stitching through the seasons exchagne. This was the last exchange of the year for us. Faye also included some 32t fabric, buttons, notepad and red thread. I love everything.

For the BBD exchange I received this pretty little pincushion from the Winter Wonderland leaflet stitched by Barbara from Maine. She also included some fabric, one of the BBD books. Thank you so much!

As for the Crazy Challenge, I have joined it, since I am crazy and a glutten for punishment. It was hard to narrow down my choices to 15 so i have a little back up list as well. BUT, I do have a couple pieces that i had already started but not much at all in my list. I will also be challenging myself with my WIP's. I counted them and am hanging my head in shame with how many i have. I plead the 5th on that one. But i will be widdling away at those as well. I pulled out about 5 of them to start with that i want to finish up first, then will pull another, etc etc. So, here is my lst for the Crazy Challenge:
1-Three Crows - Goode Huswife
2-Quaker Garden Box - Carolina House
3-Quaker Silence - Tree of Life
4-Simple Joys - LHN
5-Charmed Great Outdoors - Hinzeit
6-Patriotic Thoughts - SB
7-Eek Boo Hiss - LK
8-I will stitch you in my heart - Heartstrings Samplers
9-Quaker Garden - BBD
10-Why Is it? - CEC
11-Autumn @ Hawk Run Hollow - CHS
12-Five Fine Roosters - La D Da
13-Dog Lessons - LK
14-Love the Spring - Shakespearres Peddler
15-Thine is The Trick or Treat - Prairie Moon

For Christmas one of my presents from Doug was a desk from Ikea for my craft room. I can now keep the sewing machine set up at all times and not have to drag it out to the kitchen every time i want to use it. I now have my own little space to do my finishing, etc. I am so happy with it. It's a bit messy as i am still trying to organize it the way i like it.


Niina said...

Happy Crazy January to you!

Daffycat said...

Ooooo, your new desk is awesome!!!

Best wishes in the New Year, Karen!

Faye said...

That desk look awesome!! I love the cubbies and leaving your machine out will allow you to finish up things all the time!! Brilliant~!!!...Now, I must go to the Ikea webpage and check out the deminsions!!

Beautiful stitches from good friends..I am glad you liked the pillow was one I almost kept after I finished it up....But, knew it would love living at your house!!

Take care my friend and I look forward to more of the crazy challenge!

Always, Faye

Beth said...

That is a really terrific looking desk! You have trained your DH right - LOL!! So glad that you got so many great goodies. Hope your new year is happy and HEALTHY!!

Maggee said...

Your desk furniture is fabulous! What fun you will have finishing on it! And your presents are so special. It is wonderful to receive stitched presents--I love it! I have several of the same charts on my mental list of new starts for this year. But I am doing the WIPS 'Up for a Challenge' so got to finish a few before starting any new ones1 Or not... Hugs!

Catherine said...

Great goodies!! Enjoy them all!

Love the new desk - I may have to plan a trip to IKEA!

Sally said...

Beautiful gifts and exchanges!

Happy New Year!

Melanie said...

What a great sewing area!!

Nan said...

I LOVE that desk. You'll be a finishing fool now. ;-)
Happy New Year!

Fiona said...

All your gifts look great. Love your new desk, will have to have a look and see if Ikea have the same one here, it looks to just be perfect for your sewing machine. I always have to take mine to the kitchen table too.


BrendaS said...

The gifts and goodies you received are so pretty. Lucky you:)))

Your desk is awesome. Isn't it great always having the sewing machine ready to go rather than dragging it out all the time?

Happy New Year!