Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Edited 2/15/10 to add my first punchneedle finish (i forgot about it:) at end of post.

We had a nice quiet weekend here. Well, yesterday wasn't so quiet in our house but fun. When Bailey had her pups last year, her boy pup went to a family and they called the other day saying they can't keep him. Their other dog just isn't warming up to him, he is a digger, etc (springer spaniel, very hyper), can we help find a home. OY! well, the stud we used his mama came over yesterday to get him and take him home for a buddy for CJ (the stud). They all met here at our house, so we had 5 springers running around, 3 girls and 2 boys. it was loud, as our girls were not happy having the boys here. LOL Reggie (the pup - they are 9 months old now) is just a lover and knew something was up, but is enjoying his new home so far. He is about 5-6 inches taller than Bailey, he is a big boy and just gorgeous. he looks just like mama. So when everyone left, it was Costco time, etc. So needless to say, dinner was a frozen lasagne from Costco with their fresh garlic bread. yummy!
Here is Bailey with Reggie (he is the larger one)

Here is Reggie all comfy on the couch, staying away from Bailey.

Today was out to lunch with my brother in law/sister in law and my mother in law. Had leftovers for dinner and then off to Coldstone for ice cream for DH and I. (no kids home this weekend, so quiet). A bit of shopping today Joann's and Cabelas, nothing big. Fun fur was on sale and wanted to get some and Doug needed something for fishing.
I do have a finish to share, it's Fa La La by LHN. I stitched it on 32ct coffee dyed linen. I will do the rest of the series on 40ct, 4x4 is just too big for an ornament. This one may become a flat fold or no sew cube.

I also received my Lizzie Kate exchange piece from Melissa. Melissa stitched Live Simply for me and made a no sew cube. It is really cute! (just wait until my partner receives her piece, LOL).

Doug got me tulips for Valentine's Day (i'd rather have them then roses, they last longer and i think they are prettier). So here is a picture of my mantle with the flowers and my Valentine stitchings.

I forgot about my first punchneedle finish i have. I actually finshed teh class piece years ago, a tiny little pumpkin. But this piece is by PrimitiveBettys, it is a freebie chart on her blog. I just picked out some DMC and went with it. IT was alot of fun but not sure how to finish it now. :)