Friday, December 30, 2011

Another year has gone by

Where has the time gone? It really does fly by faster the older we get doesn't it? LOL I have been busy stitching Christmas Ornaments for family and exchanges, will post pics once i get them uploaded here. sigh....

I have joined Measi's WIPocalypse 2012 and have listed my first 15 WIP's that i want to get finished. Once I finish one, I will replace it with another WIP. I have way more than I ever imagined I would and will not post that number on here as it is WAYYY out of control. another big sigh............ BUT I am determined to finish alot of them and not let myself by any stash, except for fabric or threads if needed for a project until i have a few finished, etc. I have punished myself with not buying stash. LOL There is just one new start in the list and that one is Percy by Heart in Hand that i have just recently purchased (before Christmas) and want to get finished and up on my mantle with all my snowmen for the winter. Backwater Buck, affectionately known as, That Damn Deer, WILL be finished before March! It is for my hubby and it has been a UFO for close to 15 years. AHHHHHHHHH hence the name, that damn deer. LOL Our anniversary is March 2nd and I really want it done and then i can just rest easily, especially since he asks about it ALL the time.

I will post pics sometime this weekend of all 15 WIPS, so we can see progress etc. I have also purchased a large project for 2012 but won't allow myself to start it until i have at least 3 projects finished. It is Judy O'Dell's Mary Wigham 1790 Wardrobe and is absolutely stunning. Just click on that link Judy O'dells above and you can see detailed pics of it. It is a huge taking on, but i am in love with it, not the color as I am changing that to a red or blue.

Well, I need to get stitching, and hopefully back tomorrow with pics of my wips. Happy New Year to you all and have a safe and healthy one!!!