Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Exchanges rec'd & sent

I have a few more pics of exchanges i have rec'd and sent.

first, here are the squares i rec'd from Cyndi H. for the fair & square Thanksgiving Round (she's fast). These are great squares, not sure how to finish them yet though, will have to think about it.

Also, here is the needleroll exchange that i rec'd from Lillie in Malaysia from the HOE board. This is a beautiful needleroll she made for me and in my favorite color, purple. She also sent along some goodies for me.

Here is the needleroll that i stitched for Caroline for the HOE needleroll exchange. THis was a fun quick stitch and glad to hear she likes it.

I just also rec'd my PS exchange from Brigitte in Germany from the HOE exchange. Brigitte stitched a squirrel design from PS and has sewn it into an acorn pillow. It is amazing, what talent!!! and as you can see, she also sent along some goodies, there was a chocolate bar in there too but it didn't make it to the picture. LOL

And, lastly, here are my fair & square round #9 squares i stitched for LYnda A. I stitched Quaker Time freebie from Gencat using Autumn thread from Carrie's Creations. I really need to stitch this design for myself, this is the second time i have stitched it and really like it.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Exchanges, exchanges

I am still here, just didn't have a camera to post. Hubby was out in the woods hunting for Elk (he got his, woohoo). He is now home and i have my camera back. whew!

I have been working on exchanges and more exchanges lately. I have a few i can share today and a few that i cannot yet.

here is my f&s halloween round from Marie P. Marie stitched this great witch from a PS pattern. I am sure it will become a pinkeep. Then i also rec'd my f&s round #9 from Lynda A. Lynda stitched this great piece that is in my favorite color, purple and this will definitely become a biscournu.

Well, i will be back with more pics later.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Quick Finish Tonight

Well, i received the chart Long Spider from a friend today in the mail and started and finished it tonight. It was a very fun and quick stitch. I had a piece of 28ct banding in my stash, it was only 12inches long, which is the size of the pattern. I altered the pattern a bit to make it fit and it turned out great. Hopefully the pic turned out ok, i took it with my cellphone, DH has the camera in the woods for his hunt. :(

I also finished my Halloween fair & squares last night and they are in tomorrow's mail, so no pics yet of that one.

DH left today to go Elk hunting until the 21st of the month, so just the kids and me. we will be busy though, Dustin has soccer starting up and Caitie has a softball tournament all weekend long across town. So i won't be bored, that's for sure. LOL I plan on stitching on my Whitman Tin piece tomorrow, the bottom half that i just haven't finished yet.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Still around....

Hi! Just been busy around here and not much to show stitching wise. Mostly exchanges that haven't been rec'd yet so can show a pic. I do have a couple to show though.

Here is my F&S #8 to jeannie c. this was a freebie online and don't remember teh name or designer. LOL

Next here is something that i actually stitched for me. I took a class at my LNS for the finishing of the Whitman Tin My First Sewing box. I only got the top half finished and still stitching on the bottom. So i took a pic of the top half that i did finish and "finish" into the lid of the tin in class. I changed it a bit and added the Hedgehog freebie from workbasket instead of just putting wool in there. I thought he is pokey like needles so it worked for me. LOL I will show a pic when i get it all finished up.

As soon as i have more finishes i will post them. It is a very dark, cloudy day here in AZ and it is actually starting to rain right now. YEAH!!!