Monday, September 8, 2008

Still around....

Hi! Just been busy around here and not much to show stitching wise. Mostly exchanges that haven't been rec'd yet so can show a pic. I do have a couple to show though.

Here is my F&S #8 to jeannie c. this was a freebie online and don't remember teh name or designer. LOL

Next here is something that i actually stitched for me. I took a class at my LNS for the finishing of the Whitman Tin My First Sewing box. I only got the top half finished and still stitching on the bottom. So i took a pic of the top half that i did finish and "finish" into the lid of the tin in class. I changed it a bit and added the Hedgehog freebie from workbasket instead of just putting wool in there. I thought he is pokey like needles so it worked for me. LOL I will show a pic when i get it all finished up.

As soon as i have more finishes i will post them. It is a very dark, cloudy day here in AZ and it is actually starting to rain right now. YEAH!!!


Bette said...

Karen, your Whitman tin is lovely. And how clever to add the hedgehog. He certainly fits in with the sewing theme.

becca said...

Your tin is very nice. Love the hedgehog!