Monday, May 31, 2010

Patriotic Time!

Well since it is Memorial Day and it is getting really hot here in Arizona, it's time for a patriotic blog. My mantle is all dolled up for Memorial Day and July 4th! I have more finishes to add to it, but need to actually get them finished yet. LOL
I did have a good day of finishing today. I made 3 pillows for my mantle of red, white and blue. Sampler Girls Sweet Land, a Bent Creek Uncle Sam flatbed and a little Pop! not sure who POP is by it has just been hiding in the closet and came out to say hello. :)

the back of Sweet Land (this is also the backing i used for POP)

My mom came over today and we did some sewing of pillows (the above included) and a couple for her as well. She had finished a LK piece, a block one (don't remember which month) and a Sanman's Doodle. She stitched the Doodle over 1 on 25ct evenweave, it is only 2x2 so the little pillow is only about 6in long by 2in high. :) they are not completely finished in this pic, she was taking them home to finish sewing them up and adding the "trims" that are laying on top of the LK piece.
I also finally finished putting together my My First Sewing Box by the Stitching Parlor in my pink whitman tin. I had the top part already in there but just needed to add the bottom.How hard was that, DUH! So it is now complete, the box anyways. I need to put the scissor fob together still. I stitched Workbaskets Hedgehog for the Needles portion on the top over 1. I didn't want the felt in there after i saw this pattern for the Hedgehog, afterall, he has needles (kinda). :)

He's A Flake by LHN from their Ornament series from this year was also another one of my finishes last night. I don't like how he turned out, the shape that is, but it is for me to hang on our tree so that is fine with me. I may stitch him again and finish another way as well. It is a quick stitch. I stitched him over 2 on 40ct double-dyed blue fabric.

One more pic for tonight, i heard that Mayte has rec'd her biscornu from the biscornu exchange. THis was a freebie and i loved how it stitched up. I used GAST blueberry and some matching beads around the edges.

I have more to come hopefully tomorrow, they are sitting on the table ready to be stuffed and a few more ready to be sewn. We shall see what tomorrow brings on the finishing side for me.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Still here..........(picture heavy)

It's getting close to being summer weather here in AZ. We are actually below normal for us, under 100, which is really really nice! :)
I have a few finishes to share, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy. I finished up stitching LHN's Needle & Thread and here it is. I still need to finish it into the pillow form soon.

First I finished the Spring Fob by LK for myself. I shortened the pattern a bit as it was too big for the little gem scissors.

BBD's bluebird was another finish for myself. I stitched it using DMC (i do not recall the # though). I finished it into a pin pillow. I really like this design, this is the second time i have stitched this little guy, one for an exchange then this one for myself.

Next up is Run Run Rudolph. I stitched him a few months back but have finally made him into an ornament. This is a second time stitching this one. I did him for an exchange for Michele for Christmas.

I also have rec'd my biscournu from Shay from the Please Pass the Biscornu exchange. She stitched it on black fabric and it is gorgeous! Thank you Shay!!!!!

I went to the Attic Needlework shop in Mesa, AZ for the Saturday Stitch-in a couple weeks ago and got some fun stash. The stitch-in's are always lots of fun, laughter, some stitching, lots of stashing and eating. Great ladies to hang with! Here is the stash i got that day!

Michele and I are starting a SAL today. We are stitching Sampler Sisters of the Thread by Primitive Needle. Here are my materials for the project. I am using 40ct Colorscapes Dill and the recommended threads. This fabric is darker than the one they used but so far i am liking it.

Michele had sent me some of her stitched pieces to be finished and here are three of them. SB patriotic one finished into a little pillow, not sure who the designer is on the other patriotic one but also finished into a little pillow. The turkey pinkeep is a free design by Primitivebettys.

Michelle from here in Phoenix had me finish a hanging pinkeep for her. She stitched LK freebie Friendship Grows. This one turned out really cute.

For the Please Pass the Biscornu exchange I had sent my March one to Despina. Here is what I sent to her.

I still have a couple other finishes but need to take pics of them.