Saturday, April 26, 2008

Silk gauze class project and more goodies

Well, Tracy (teejay) and I took teh Silk Gauze (40ct) class today at the Attic Needlework shop in Mesa. It was fun, and i am really cruising along on this project (it will measure just about 2"x2" when completed, it is tiny). Thought i would post a pic of my progress so far since this afternoon (needed a break from the 40ct, my eyes are crossing). LOL Also some other goodies i picked up while there: 2 more charts for the silk gauze, Lizzie Kate's Housework (isn't this one so true), LHN's needlebook chart and some fabric and Belle Soie in cranberry for my Always & Forever by LHN.

Here is the Fair & Square exchange i rec'd from Sara S. yesterday. Isn't it great! i love it. The scissor fob has the bird on one side and my initial "K" on the other. I LOVE it. Sara did an awesome job, this was her first fair & square exchange. Hopefully she gets her's from me in the next few days and then i can share that pic with you, but you will have to wait for that one.

I am working on a couple different exchanges so can't show any pics of my wip's of them. Also working on a round robin, almost finished and will get that mailed out this week.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New stash i picked up yesterday

Well, i had ordered ALways and Forever by LHN and it came in yesterday so i picked that up and Peacock Cypher by Just Nan along with the embellishment pack and NN thread for Peacock. Then i got an envelope in the mail from Marie's sale with a few items i got from her.

No finishes yet, working on exchange pieces that i can't share yet. I am stitching on my biscournu exchange today and tomorrow and hopefully will get it put together this weekend. I have a class this weekend at The Attic (one of my LNS's), it is a stitching on silk gauze (40ct) class. So i should be blind by the end of the class. Teejay (Tracy) and I are taking the class together and then shop a little while we are there. I need some Belle Soie for A&F anyways.

May have a pinkeep or two to show tomorrow if all goes well, we'll see. It's getting warmer and warmer here in AZ (not liking that). Had the AC on for just a couple hours today to cool it off in here. There goes the electric bill.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rose Sampler is finished

Well I finished Rose Sampler by LHN today while hanging out with Tracy. We met up at Barnes & Noble and stitched for a couple hours and chatted, etc. I was able to finish up this project. WOOHOO! 1 down, 25 million more to go. I was also feeling quite spunky when i got home from our get together and have 3 pieces ready for pinkeeps. I finished one of them tonight just a few minutes ago. It is a small halloweeny piece that i stitched i don't know how many years ago. LOL

Here is also a pic of my nephew, Matthew (4 1/2) when he finished "ditching" his first original design on plastic canvas the other day. As you can tell, he had pizza for lunch as well. That is how he came home from school. sigh..... (it only happens when he has pizza) LOL he has since "ditched" 2 more pieces of his original work. It keeps him quiet and busy for about 10-15 minutes. WOOHOO!

Hopefully will have a couple more pinkeeps by the weekend to share with you. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's mid-April and it's already getting hot

Well, it is starting to hit the 90's here in AZ. woohoo, yeah right! Well, DH and I escaped up north the Flagstaff Saturday and returned this afternoon. We went riding the quad around the woods looking for animals (elk and deer preferably no bear or mountain lion). We stayed at the Happy Jack Lodge up there. Nice little cabins. We saw quite a bit of Elk yesterday on our ride and a few turkeys but nothing else, thank goodness. We went riding in his "territory" where the guys all go hunting, deep deep in the woods. I had trouble getting pics of the Elk we saw but i will post one of them, you get to see theirs butts walking by. LOL

Well, as for finishes, i do have one from a couple weeks ago i just never posted. It is JBW's Bunny, again. This time i used the Caron waterlilies Baby Breath that i initially bought for it and used a piece of 28ct evenweave that was tea dyed by Teejay (tracy). It was the perfect fabric for this floss.

Here is my WIP for the LHN/CCN yahoo group SAL. I started Rose Sampler. I haven't gotten very far but it is coming along (i just have too many projects going at once). this one is being stitched on 28ct evenweave in Oatmeal using DMC.

Also, here is my Reindeer Sampler by HIH stitched on 28ct mottled linen (not sure of the color was in my stash not marked) using DMC. You can also see a glimpse of the bag i got at Barnes & Noble last week (thanks for showing me Michele, i love it) I just started this one last night at the cabin. I also have another finish for my Fair & Square exchange but it needs to be mailed in the next couple days so can't show that finish, but it's pretty.

Not much else really going on around here. My DD, Caitie went to the Prom last night with one of her friends, so when she gets her pics I will post them (I didn't get to see her all dressed up). we were out of town and she was at her dad's.