Thursday, July 28, 2011

Added lots of sale items

I just finished updating my sale blog with lots of stash for sale. come take a look! if you see anything you like you can email me at

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

GO! baby cutter giveaway

on Amy's blog here
Go check it out! hoping and hoping i win this one! really want to play with it and have some more fun with the sewing machine!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

wow, halfway through July already

**updated with a couple more pics - evening July 18th**

and here i am finally posting some pics. OY! Its just been crazy and this new computer has me frazzled (its a newer system than what we are used to). LOL
Diane and I decided to do a 4th of July exchange so i brought mine with me to Indiana to give to her. I stitched Thankful for Ewe by Crescent Colours using CC and coffee dyed the fabric. I painted and waxed the box and added some other goodies in the box too. There were other goodies but i forgot to take a pic of everything.

And here is the pillow that Diane made for me, it is a Chessie & Me design and i love it! she did an awesome job!

Well, I went to Indiana in June for a week to hang out with my dear friend Diane and we were going to the Only One Ewe retreat for the weekend to also hang out with another dear friend Yvonne. What fun we had! It was so nice to hang out with a stitching friend and do all those wonderful fun things we enjoy doing, like stitching of course, shopping, tearing up the craft room (LOL) and stitching and more shopping, etc. And of course Harley, Diane's schnauzer, he was my buddy while i was there. What a great little dog he is. :)

I got there late Monday night and on Tuesday we drove to Cincinnati OH to go to a not so LNS but a couple hour drive and so worth it to go to Keepsakes. I cannot remember how long we were there but it was quite awhile. We were sitting on the floor going through everything she had in the shop. LOL I didn't get any pics of our stash we acquired (maybe thats a good thing, because we shopped really well). On Thursday we drove up to Indianapolis to pick up Yvonne from the airport but since her plane was delayed a couple hours we stopped in the LNS there as well while we waited for her and did some damage there as well. I found a couple charts i have been looking for for awhile, VooDoo Girl and VooDoo Bob. I have seen them stitched up all over the internet but can never find the patterns, well i now own them. :) They are just too cute.
After picking up Yvonne it was another bit of a drive to Terre Haute (haute sounds like coat, if you didn't know, i didn't) LOL for the retreat. We got all checked in and met up with Jan of Only One Ewe and the other gals that were retreating with us. Vonna the Twisted Stitcher was also one of us there and what fun she is! She also taught a class on Saturday with the stitching we did before we all got there. (sorry my picture is crooked) LOL

At the retreat we had a couple exchanges, one was a Christmas ornament exchange. I stitched two pieces for it and right now only have pic of one. LOL (the other is on the camera and need to upload software to new computer).

Here are the two ornaments i rec'd in the exchange. Oh joy was stitched by Diane and the bluebird was stitched by Brenda. I love them both!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

I am hoping that blogger will let me post, it has been a pain in the butt to say the least the last couple months. grrrrrrrr I have been stitching but not able to post pics and got a new computer so need to upload camera software. LOL

But, just wanted to stop by real quick and say Happy 4th of July to everyone and updates with pics will be coming shortly as i can get them on here. :)

Hope everyone is staying inside and cool, it was 118 here on saturday! UGH!!! we did have 30% humidity with it, but the 118 alone was enough.

stay cool!