Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last of Retreat and Oklahoma City

Just a couple more pics from the retreat. I forgot to share my "bathroom" purchases from the Silver Needle. I got two snowman pieces, one pillow and one "box", my mantle is always decorated with snowman for the winter to try to cool it down and pretend there is snow here in AZ. :)

On Sunday, Michele, Chris & I took a drive to Ok City. We had 3 places to see, the ASA Softball hall of fame for me. I have always been a softball player, not that great but still and my daughter Caitie has been a softball player basically since she could hold a bat. Caitie really wants to go to the College World Series one of these years and I am hoping that the two of us can get there maybe next year or the year after for a couple games. So we took a couple pics just for her. :)
This is the main field that the college world series is played on and the USA softball team plays on.
Then of course a fun picture just for Caitie. :) I had a nice one with a smile as well, but had to give her a neener neener pic.

We then proceeded to the Banjo Hall of Fame for Chris. Chris plays banjo and is in a Dixieland band and a gentleman that she plays with was just inducted into the banjo hall of fame a couple months back. So we strolled around in there. All i can say is WOW! i never imagined the handiwork put into these banjos. They were just amazing to look at. Then we found his poster on the wall and got Chris's pics with it.

Then we all strolled over to the Oklahoma City Memorial. As Michele put it, it was a sobering and humbling experience, no other words. I will only post one pic of it and it is a statue from across the street. The memorial site is across the street behind the wall there. It is a wonderful memorial to those it affected, etc. And on the marble it said "and Jesus wept".

Friday, July 23, 2010

Blackbird Designs Retreat Part 2

Well, here are a few more pics from our wonderful trip.
On Friday morning, Michele and I went to the airport to pick up another one of our good friends, Chris from NC. Then it was off to lunch and the Silver Needle, again. LOL Of course there was more shopping this time around and the next couple times around as well. LOL (the pics from previous post show all my stash i got though). LOL Here is a pic of Chris, Michele and myself in front of the fabric.

On friday night we got a little project from Barb & Alma to stitch a little sachet. Some finished their stitching up on friday night and some of us finished it up the next day when there was fabric to choose, etc. We also made the little beaded pins that are in our sachets. The pins were alot of fun to make except the glue is like superglue and i am NOT good with that glue. Needless to say, my index fingers and thumbs were getting glued together but i realized it quick enough. LOL Here are Chris, Michele and my sachets, pretty cute i might say. we did a great job! And a close up of mine, front and back. Also, here are the sachets that were finished during class in one shape or form. Barb & Alma called them the "babies" of the class.

While Alma & Barb were talking and telling some fun stories on Saturday, Michele felt herself becoming the two designers and arranged some pieces together. :)

We also met up with Joan, as you saw in my previous post, but Joan was so sweet and made us a little pincushion using a portion of a BBD chart. It is very cute and i love it! Thank you again so much Joan!!!

Michele and I exchanged a little something for each other when we got to the hotel on wednesday and here is the goodie bag she gave me. The very first needlebook she ever made and a little hornbook she made. and some other goodies in there. :)

And here are a couple more pics of shop models at the Silver Needle.
Some punchneedle models, really made me think about doing a little more punchneedle, so we shall see. Very cute designs.
Halloween, need i say more. :)
And part of the Lizzie Kate display. OMG it was amazing. just like everything else in the store.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blackbird Designs Retreat

A week ago today i Michele and I flew into Tulsa OK for the Blackbird Designs class that the Silver Needle was hosting. We got there a couple days earlier so we can do a little sightseeing as well. We did go to Jenks and do a little antiquing. We ran across a few "frogs", alot of cast iron irons, but i only got one of those as they were quite pricey, but not the one i got. :-) and a few little molds to use for pincushions.
here is myself and Michele at the Silver Needle

And here is a pic of myself, Joan and Michele. It was great to meet Joan and Cathy!! we didn't get a picture with Cathy though. :(

here is my little haul from antiquing in Jenks, not bad considering that coral frog is a color i have been trying to hunt down. :-)

On Thursday morning, Michele and I opened up the Silver Needle and WOW! models stitched up everywhere. Everywhere you turned in the shop there were more models. Alot of over one stitching and i love over one stitching. We were also told to make sure we visited the bathroom. ok, we know when we have to go. LOL But it was because there were also shop models in the bathroom that were for sale.

Friday we took a box finishing class with Mona. That was alot of fun and will be seeing more of these little boxes in my future. I haven't taken a pic of mine as of yet, but will soon. Also on Friday was stitching with all the gals that were there for class, dinner with everyone including Barb & Alma, etc. We were all very spoiled by Lindy of the Silver Needle, as on our tables for dinner were little goodie bags filled with Vera Bradley goodies. And on Saturday as well. :)

I did do alot of damage in the shopping area. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. :-) As you can tell by the last picture, i really liked the little magnetic organizer, so i got one in green and one in hollywood pink. :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July already????

Where has the time gone? I cannot believe it is July already and the year is half gone. July is good though, as I am off next week with a couple great friends for a stitching class at the Silver Needle in Tulsa OK. We are taking a class with Blackbird Designs and cannot wait.
I have recently rec'd a few exchanges, etc and finally got them uploaded to my computer. I also went to an antique shop a few weeks ago looking for a floral frog and found one and a couple other goodies, and best part all for $11.00. The frog is a pretty green and i wanted something to put it in to protect my scissors. Well i found in the same booth a green punch glass, I just added some crushed walnut shells to the bottom of it and walah!

This past saturday the 3rd was my birthday (and my hubbys) and I rec'd an awesome package from my good friend Michele yesterday. I will let the picture do the talking. WOW!!! she really spoiled me! I have the "frog" in there to show off the scissors she sent me, 4 pair. :)

Michele and I also got paired up for the Fair & Square 4th of July exchange. After all these years we finally got each other. LOL So we decided to "finish" each others squares not just send the 2 squares like required. She stitched the patriotic bird from HIH (poopy bird as we call them). LOL I LOVE how it is finished and the backing fabric matches perfectly!!!!! beautiful beautiful finishing!

Speaking of Fair & Square, Nadia and I were paired up for the ROund #19 squares. Nadia stitched LHN's ornie (the red house one, do not remember name off hand) for me. I love it, i was going to be stitching this one next and now i don't have too. :) Thanks again Nadia, can't wait to "finish" it up.

Please pass the biscournu is another exchange i am in, a monthly biscournu, sent and rec'd. I have recently rec'd from Sheila and Bonnie and here they are. very pretty biscournus to add to my collection. I am giong to need a separate basket just for them.

I have stitched up another of the LHN monthly ornies and finished it into a hanging pillow ornament. I really like how this one turned out. I used fuzzy stuff for the sheep and combed him out a bit to make him a bit more fluffy.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Look at this giveaway

Hi! You have to take a look at Wawanna's giveaway for a chatelaine she made. it is gorgeous. Pop on over to her blog.