Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last of Retreat and Oklahoma City

Just a couple more pics from the retreat. I forgot to share my "bathroom" purchases from the Silver Needle. I got two snowman pieces, one pillow and one "box", my mantle is always decorated with snowman for the winter to try to cool it down and pretend there is snow here in AZ. :)

On Sunday, Michele, Chris & I took a drive to Ok City. We had 3 places to see, the ASA Softball hall of fame for me. I have always been a softball player, not that great but still and my daughter Caitie has been a softball player basically since she could hold a bat. Caitie really wants to go to the College World Series one of these years and I am hoping that the two of us can get there maybe next year or the year after for a couple games. So we took a couple pics just for her. :)
This is the main field that the college world series is played on and the USA softball team plays on.
Then of course a fun picture just for Caitie. :) I had a nice one with a smile as well, but had to give her a neener neener pic.

We then proceeded to the Banjo Hall of Fame for Chris. Chris plays banjo and is in a Dixieland band and a gentleman that she plays with was just inducted into the banjo hall of fame a couple months back. So we strolled around in there. All i can say is WOW! i never imagined the handiwork put into these banjos. They were just amazing to look at. Then we found his poster on the wall and got Chris's pics with it.

Then we all strolled over to the Oklahoma City Memorial. As Michele put it, it was a sobering and humbling experience, no other words. I will only post one pic of it and it is a statue from across the street. The memorial site is across the street behind the wall there. It is a wonderful memorial to those it affected, etc. And on the marble it said "and Jesus wept".


Hazel said...

Lovely snowmen! The retreat pics from the post below are fab. x

Sally said...

Love those snowman pieces Karen. Who knew you could pick up stuff like that in the bathroom lol!!!

Thank you for sharing your pictures.

Patty C. said...

I love snowmen - too cute :)

Carolyn NC said...

Awesome pictures - what a memorial - just beautiful.

Mare said...

Great photos and finishes! Love the snowmen.