Monday, August 17, 2009

Ornament exchange and a finish

Hi! Some friends and I are in a year long ornament exchange, the HOHOHO ornament exchange. My months have past but we have kinda gotten behind a bit. I rec'd my ornament from Michele today and it is gorgeous! Look at this great package she sent along with her ornament!

I also have Shelleen's ornament on it's way to her, late but it is finally on its way and i really hope she likes it. Can't show a pic of it yet though. I have to stitch this one a couple more times, once for my LNS's breast cancer silent auction in November and once for myself as well.

I do have a "finish" of another ornament. THis is one for the BC silent auction at my LNS. This was stitched by a lady named Sue who lost her battle to BC. She has stitched many ornaments over teh years for the auction and had a few of them already stitched up and her husband donated them to the shop. They were looking for volunteers to finish them up and i took a couple to finish. I am very honored to finish this for Sue's Legacy. The fabric the ornament is laying on is the backing fabric.