Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I have one little finish just in time for turkey day. It is Bok Bok by Plum Street Samplers and was a freebie on their site. i love how he turned out.

Happy Bok Bok Day!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BBD exchange from Jen

Jen (serialstarter blog) and I had a private exchange stitching a BBD design. I rec'd Jen's exchange piece last week and finally got the pic uploaded. It is absolutely stunning! Jen stitched a beachy themed piece for me that she got from one of BBD's retreats. It is just gorgeous! the pics just do not do it justice. Jen also framed it herself and used some gorgeous matching paper on the back along with a little note. Thanks again so much Jen!

I also have a few other exchanges rec'd but wanted to post this one tonight real quick.

Monday, November 15, 2010

And the Winner is................................

KAT of flopsykittenstitchin blog! Congrats Kat! I will be emailing you soon. And since there were so many that commented and i appreciate it so much, I drew another name as well. so the 2nd winner is....................

TERRI! congrats to you as well Terri! I will be emailing you as well soon!

Again, thank you all for visiting me and making this so much fun to blog and share our passion of stitching, family, friends, etc. :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Pals retreat take 2

Ok, so there was the christmas ornament exchange on Friday night and the grab bag exchange as well. Here are the two ornaments that i brought:

And here are the two ornaments that i chose from the many ornaments there. The Noel ornament was stitched by Amy SC (from downsunshinelane) but i never figured out who the other was by. I asked around but noone fessed up. Hopefully you will see this post and let me know who stitched it??????

Also, the grab bag exchange is always a blast, lots of stealing going on. LOL I totally forgot to take a pic of the grab bag i brought, but Linda said she really really liked it. :) I rec'd my grab bag from none other than Diane from IN (Juan - LOL). It was packed full with tons of goodies. I did take a pic of it. ;) All of this was in two cute little autumn boxes but i had WAY too much stuff in my suitcase and even just that little bit of paper would have pushed my suitcase weight over the 50lbs it weighed in at. LOL whew!

On Saturday night it was the stitched piece exchange with a twist. A very fun game Stephanie found and we all seemed to have fun with it. You didn't necessarily end up with the piece you originally picked up, but in the end if you and someone else wanted to trade, that was fine. :) I rec'd and got to keep :-) a little black box with stitched pansies on top, on black over 1 by Char from OH. it is beautiful! I love to stitch over 1 but never on black, Char is a brave soul! Thanks again Char!

Faye and I are in an exchange together that I run along with Michele from WA. Faye stitched me a little BBD pincushion for a thank you for running the exchagne, etc. It is beautiful and will always be cherished dear Faye! And, I had a surprise for Faye as well. I had read on her blog a week before going to Myrtle Beach that one of her closest friends was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and Faye was starting up a "pink basket" of smalls in honor of her. So i decided to stitch up Eat pray love, a free chart from the Sampler Girl in Strawberry Shake by Carrie's Creations and on the back Michele helped me string the beads (without them flying all over the place :) ) into a pink beaded ribbon and i stitched mine and Faye's names on it as well.

Well, that is about all for tonight.