Sunday, June 28, 2009

An exchange rec'd & a "finish"

I was one of the lucky ones to be the recipient of a PIF from Edgar and rec'd it yesterday. It is a beautiful pinkeep. He stitched the "K" square from Blue Ribbon Designs Alphabet Zoo for me. I really really love it! very pretty colors and beautifully stitched and finished. Edgar also enclosed some other goodies as well. Thank you so much Edgar.

I also have a "Finish" for Michele. When Michele was here in AZ in April visiting she brought a few of her stitched pieces for me to finish for her. This is one of her fair & squares stitched for her by Amy in SC and i made it into a no sew cube. I really like how this one turned out using 2 different ribbons. I have another finish for Michele but need to take a pic with my actual camera not my cell phone. LOL

In my last post i showed you the first finished piece i stitched and framed for our friends cabin. Well here is the 2nd piece i stitched for her. It is another Sampler Girl pattern stitched over 1. It is a little small for this frame but i still like it.

And, of course i should leave you with some puppy pictures. They are getting so big, they are 7 weeks on tuesday. One has left to her new home today, we'll miss little Squirt. Reggie is leaving on the 20th of July when her new family gets home from vacation and just waiting to get the final yes on the 3rd puppy to leave.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another one bites the dust (WIP that is)

Well, i finished up one of my WIP's last week. It is Fond Hearts by Blackbird Designs. I used the called for WDW and 30ct irish linen. I really like how this one turned out and will be stitching more BBD in the future.

I also received my spring exchange from Shelleen but forgot to take a pic of it, so here it is. cute cute bunny she stitched for me. Thanks sooo much Shelleen.

I also just received my floss tag from Mary in Portugal from the Tiny Treasures exchange blog. It is gorgeous and i just love it! Thanks Mary!

Here is the piece i stitched for good friends of ours for their cabin. She bought a couple hand painted leather frames at an antique shop and asked me to stitch something for them. The first one that is done i stitched Cheerful Company by The Sampler Girl. I used the called for DMC and stitched it on coffee dyed/baked evenweave by me.

Here are a couple recent pics of the puppies. They are now 5 weeks old and running all over the place and playing hard. OUCH! they hurt. LOL
Bailey and her only boy Reggie (that's what we call him), they look like Forest Gump with his son in the movie. LOL

All 4 playing last night and sleeping

This is Bella, the girl we are keeping. she kept coming closer to me, hard to get a good pic that way. LOL

I am working on a couple exchanges i need to finish up for Fair & Square and then more me stitching time.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

We have a winner!

I had a hard time chosing a name from all the wonderful and great ideas you all had (i even had a few emails from friends as well). BUT, i finally made a choice.

drum roll please.............

Finely Finished

Eileen suggested this one and will receive some stitchy goodies from me.

Again, thanks to everyone for the great ideas, it really was a hard choice for me, but i like the play on words.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Contest - Name my Finishing Service

So I am going to go ahead with starting the Finishing Service here but need a name for it. So i will have a contest for a name for my new Finishing Service.

just post your idea in a comment here at this post and i will choose one on Monday June 8.

The prize will be a grab bag of stitchy goodies from me. If you want to post on your blog about the contest please do so.

Thanks for everyone's help and input!

Monday, June 1, 2009

An Actual "Finish"

Well, i stitched this piece by Bent Creek, Liberty zipper kit a couple years ago and so it sat in my closet just waiting to be finished. Well, the other day i Finally did something with it. I made it into a hanging pinkeep and really like how it turned out. Used the same technique i use with the pinkeeps and just added the holes for the hanger to go through. I really wanted to do eyelets for the holes but it was too thick for the eyelet to get all the way through. The fabric on the back is the fabric i used for the hanger.

Also adding a couple newer puppy pics. they are getting pretty mobile now and playing with each other and us. I have one right now biting my ankle. LOL thank god they don't have teeth yet. LOL I will try to post the little video i got with my camera earlier, it's kind of dark but you get the idea.

I am also seriously considering starting a "finishing" service here online. I will do pinkeeps, flat ornaments (pinkeep or non-pinkeep), biscournus, beanie pillows (great for the Fair & Squares that you're not sure what to use them for) and No-Sew Cubes. The sewing method for the beanie pillows would be the same as biscournu's. I would not be doing anything that requires "actual sewing" since i am not a sewer by any means. LOL I am going to get pictures of my ornaments i have done in the past and cubes, biscournus etc and make a blog here in the next couple weeks to get it started, so be on the lookout.