Monday, June 1, 2009

An Actual "Finish"

Well, i stitched this piece by Bent Creek, Liberty zipper kit a couple years ago and so it sat in my closet just waiting to be finished. Well, the other day i Finally did something with it. I made it into a hanging pinkeep and really like how it turned out. Used the same technique i use with the pinkeeps and just added the holes for the hanger to go through. I really wanted to do eyelets for the holes but it was too thick for the eyelet to get all the way through. The fabric on the back is the fabric i used for the hanger.

Also adding a couple newer puppy pics. they are getting pretty mobile now and playing with each other and us. I have one right now biting my ankle. LOL thank god they don't have teeth yet. LOL I will try to post the little video i got with my camera earlier, it's kind of dark but you get the idea.

I am also seriously considering starting a "finishing" service here online. I will do pinkeeps, flat ornaments (pinkeep or non-pinkeep), biscournus, beanie pillows (great for the Fair & Squares that you're not sure what to use them for) and No-Sew Cubes. The sewing method for the beanie pillows would be the same as biscournu's. I would not be doing anything that requires "actual sewing" since i am not a sewer by any means. LOL I am going to get pictures of my ornaments i have done in the past and cubes, biscournus etc and make a blog here in the next couple weeks to get it started, so be on the lookout.


Brigitte said...

Very nice finishing, Karen.
I wish you luck with your finishing service.

Lisa said...

What a fun new way to finish a pin keep. The puppies are getting big already - I am sure that has really brought some fun into the household!

Vonna said...

What a lovely finish! I have finished a couple of things like this and I think they always turn out cute :)
Your adorable!
Good luck with your new endeavor!

staci said...

Congrats on the darling finish! Adorable puppies too ;)

Ranae said...

Love the finish and those puppies are look so precious.
Good Luck on your new venture

Carolyn NC said...

Finish looks great - good idea to start a finishing service - good luck with it! Love the sweet little puppies!

CindyMae said...

Beautiful finish. I love your finish finishing as it looks perfect with that piece! Great job! The puppies are just so darn cute, I want to cuddle them!!

Cindy F. said...

You finish finished a real cute piece! Congrats!
Love the puppies and mommy pic:)