Thursday, June 4, 2009

Contest - Name my Finishing Service

So I am going to go ahead with starting the Finishing Service here but need a name for it. So i will have a contest for a name for my new Finishing Service.

just post your idea in a comment here at this post and i will choose one on Monday June 8.

The prize will be a grab bag of stitchy goodies from me. If you want to post on your blog about the contest please do so.

Thanks for everyone's help and input!


Jill said...

Here are my ideas for your Finishing Service:
Karen's Creations
Creations by Karen
Stitching and Sharing Services
Services by Stitching and Sharing

That is my 2 cents, or maybe 4!

Good Luck,

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Stitcher's Treasures Finished

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen-

Good luck to you in your new adventure!
I suggest a small play on words:

Finely Finished by Karen

Let us know when you're up and running. Pricing, turn time etc!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck with your venture Karen :)

My suggestion is:

'Loose Ends Finishings by Karen'


Pauline said...

Hi Karen, here are my ideas for a name!
The Finish Line or
(The)Finishing Touch

Good Luck!


LoriU said...

Karing Stitches

Anonymous said...

Here's my suggestion,

Karen finishes for YOU.....
Good Luck,

Anonymous said...

Karen good luck on your finishing service. How about "Happy Endings" stitch finishing service by Karen.

Rita FL

Sharon said...

There are so many good suggestions! Mine would be The Finsihing Touch.


Jeannie2653 said...

Here are my suggestions for your Finishing Services.

Finishing Touches by Karen
Final Touches by Karen
A Stitch and A Finish
Needle Finishes by Karen

Beth said...

I really liked Karing Stitches, but how about twisting it a little and doing Karing Finishes?

Good luck! You are so talented, that I know you will do great!!

Lisa said...

Karen, here are my suggestions:
Completed Stitches
Last Stage Finishing
Elegant Finishes
Fasten Up Stitching
Hope you like.

Stitchinowl said...

Here's my idea for your new venture:
The Finishing Stitch

Good luck,
rcscg at aol dot com

Anonymous said...

How about Karen's Kreations! or Karen's Kustom Kreations.

Anonymous said...