Tuesday, May 20, 2008

biscournu's and a new finish, cont'd

back of biscournu from Chris B.

a finish from this weekend. Lizzie Kate's "Housework" stitched on silkweaver's Jamaica Sunset using DMC.

it wouldn't let me add more than 5 pics.

Biscournu's and a new finish

A quick post to show the biscournu i rec'd from Chris B and the one i sent to Malinda that she just rec'd. ALso here is the pinkeep i made for my sister per my nephew's request. He picked out the backing fabric, then fabric to stitch on, then he moved on to the floss, then teh buttons. All I did was stitch it and put it together, he picked out everything for his mommy.

biscournu for Malinda

pinkeep for my sis

biscournu from Chris B

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back from the Grand Canyon

HI all! We got back today from the Grand Canyon. DH did the 24 mile hike from South Rim to North Rim on Friday. It took them 12 hours to get across and they all made it without injury. They are all just very very sore. I got to drive around to the other side of the GC following a dad of one of the other hikers. We had a good time as well. He showed me a bunch of his favorite sites on the way over to the North Rim. We went to see some Hopi Mesa Petroglyphs which were amazing (don't have the pics of those yet, i had to use a disposable camera as Doug had the digital). We were looking for the California Condors but were not successful, and stopped at a cute little country store in Jacob's Lake and got homemade cookies that were out of this world (i was there on Friday, Sat and Sunday). LOL I am going to look like a Lemon Sugar Cookie.

On Saturday we all went to the North Rim and hiked a smaller trail (paved trail) but I had a hard time with this one as there were no railings or anything to hold on to. I have a fear of heights, not extreme but with no railings it really was hard and about had a nervous breakdown. The tears did start flowing and my feet were like concrete but my friend Wendy helped me along and we found a rock for me to sit on and wait for them, then i chewed Doug's butt when we got back to the top. He obviously didn't realize how much it was bothering me until he saw the tears pouring out trying to walk across.

LOL We saw ALOT of deer, some elk and 4 porcupines that Doug interrupted 2 of them trying to mate. LOL THe pics didn't turn out on that one. OY!

I did finish a LK this weekend but didn't get alot of stitching in, surprisingly. But i don't have a pic yet, hopefully tomorrow. I also rec'd my biscournu from Chris B. while i was away. I will take a pic tomorrow as well. It is gorgeous and Michele, you will be jealous, it is all RED!!!! I love it!!!

Well, here are a few pics that Doug took on his hike and there is one of the two of us sitting on my rock after the tears! The one with Doug in the dark is when they first started out at 4am.

Doug starting his hike at 4am at the South Rim of Grand Canyon

Sunrise at Grand Canyon

You can see the trail (the switchbacks going down the mountain) YIKES!

water runoff from the snow

Doug & I after the tears stopped from my little meltdown

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just a quick post

I sent my Rose Sampler by LHN to Vonna for her finishing services. Vonna has made this into a box for me and OMG! It is beautiful! I don't have it yet but have the pics that Vonna has taken of it. It is just amazing and i cannot wait to see it.

And here is a pic of my son, Dustin heading out to his 8th grade promotion dance last Friday. The girls are friends of his (blond is our next door neighbor his best friend), and the girl in the tan dress was his date for the dance. THey all looked so nice.

Well, we are off to the Grand Canyon in the morning so Doug can do his 24 mile hike in and out of the Canyon on Friday (i think he's crazy) and I get to drive the 5 hour drive around to the other side to pick them all up. LOL

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm still here

Hi all! it's been a little over a week but i am still here. I have a fair and square exchange to show you since it has been rec'd by Sara. It was fun to stitch, it is spring flowers by Debbie Draper (freebie).

Also, I have another pinkeep i made over the weekend. It is another Halloween one from a Dimensions leaflet i stitched a LONG time ago. And my portion of Julie's RR piece, it is going to be a needlebook by Judy Odell that she chose. It was a fun stitch.

I will have more to show you soon but this was just a quick update.