Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just a quick post

I sent my Rose Sampler by LHN to Vonna for her finishing services. Vonna has made this into a box for me and OMG! It is beautiful! I don't have it yet but have the pics that Vonna has taken of it. It is just amazing and i cannot wait to see it.

And here is a pic of my son, Dustin heading out to his 8th grade promotion dance last Friday. The girls are friends of his (blond is our next door neighbor his best friend), and the girl in the tan dress was his date for the dance. THey all looked so nice.

Well, we are off to the Grand Canyon in the morning so Doug can do his 24 mile hike in and out of the Canyon on Friday (i think he's crazy) and I get to drive the 5 hour drive around to the other side to pick them all up. LOL


Vonna said...

Ahhh...8th grade promotion dance...brings back fond memories, a handsome son and lovely friends :)
The box is gorgeous and I'm so happy you like it!
My husband is a hiker too...and I did the driving to the other side of an Appalacian Trail site many moons ago prior to 4 he "hikes" in our subdivision! LOL!

Kathy A. said...

Wow, what beautiful work Vonna has done for you! My nephew just went to his 8th grade prom in a white tux!!! Oh my, the time sure flies
My DH wants to hike the Canyon one day. I got my wish a couple of years back and helicoptered over the canyon. STUNNING!!!

Ruth said...

Ack -- 24 mile hike. Yeah, he's nuts.

Your box looks lovely. You know, I think it would look really nice at my place. ;-)

Anonymous said...

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