Sunday, August 10, 2008

What a week......

Well, last weekend my hubby and I spent a long needed weekend away up north in Flagstaff in our friend's very nice cabin. He worked a little on the cabin, I stitched, he had 2 mornings of his Archery Shoot, I stitched, you get the idea. We rode the quad around the woods looking for animals and saw a couple hundred Elk (girls) only a couple boys and a bunch of babies. That was pretty cool to hear them calling out in the wild. Then we had to come home to reality.

We come home to reality only to find out, later Sunday night that our oldest daughter had a seizure Sat. night and didn't go to the hospital. Well noone that was with her took her either (including her dad). Heads rolled for that one. so first thing Monday am i took her to the dr and off to the ER we went for 12 hours. They admitted her after doing lots of tests and more needed to find out what happened. She was finally released on Thursday afternoon but we are still waiting on 2 very important tests to come back. Going to the neurologist this week to get results that are possibly MS (which my mother and myself both have). I am hoping this isn't it but then with the other possibilites out there, this is probably the best one to have (not that it is good but the others are worse and we know this disease). Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

On a lighter note, i have a few finishes that i can share with you all. FINALLY, i am posting the fair & square summer round I sent to Sue W., this was my favorite one to stitch so far. It is Summer Breeze by Brittercup Designs that i tweaked around a little to make it fit to 4x4. Also the other pic are my squares from Sue W. the watermelon, that i really like and am deciding on how to finish it.

I have also finished another "little" wip called Love Letters by The Chocolate Cat (it is a freebie on their site). I stitched this one using a variegated red by Anchor and on silkweaker Solo.

This one is by Trail Creek Farm called "I'd Turn Back" for halloween and was a 2 night stitch. I stitched it using DMC and on SMF called Slimy Limey (you can't tell how green it is in the pic, bad lighting). I used red metallic braid for the eye instead of the red bead and stitched a Rhodes stitch for it, it really shines and pops out.

And this last little little one is by JBW designs called Christmas Motif Sampler II on white evenweave using Crescent Colours Spinach. I stitched this one over 1.

Well, school starts tomorrow for the kids. WOOHOO!! Caitie starts her senior year with only 2 classes left and graduates early in December and just started back up in club softball. Dustin is a freshmen and is excited to start high school and teh soccer season (outside of school) starts up in a couple weeks. Josh is also a freshmen but he started school last week (lives with his mom) and is liking HS so far. And of course I cannot forget my nephew, Matthew, he is starting kindergarten tomorrow so my days will be alot quieter with just my niece Allison (2) and myself home.

I do have a couple other finishes but cannot share them until they reach their destinations, so you will have to wait. Have a great week!!!


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

beautiful finishes, hope you had fun, and enjoy a little more peace today.

Sharon said...

Hi Karen! I hope you will get some good news regarding your daughter. Gorgeous finishes all around!