Sunday, March 8, 2009

A finish and exchanges

Well i have a little finish for ME and a couple exchanges rec'd to share. I haven't seen that the exchanges i sent out have been rec'd yet so can't share those.

The weather has been gorgeous here in AZ, in the 80's, dropped to 70's for a couple days and going back up again. Spring Training games are in full swing (LOL) out here in AZ and that means lots of visitors. Baseball season in HS has started as well, so there are freshmen games we have already started going to to watch our son Josh play.

On the stitching front, i am trying to seriously cut down on exchanges for awhile so i can do some stitching for me. I have way too many WIP's/UFO's and really need to get them finished up. i am tired of looking at them in the basket next to my seat. So trying to stitch a bit on everything every day. LOL

Here is the finish for me. It is My Everything by The Sampler Girl. I stitched it on 40ct sand linen using Belle Soie Sister Scarlett. I love this one and am thinking of framing it in a very simple black frame.

well, here is the pinkeep i rec'd from Edgar from the Year Long Prairie Schooler exchange. i just love it and it is already in the basket on my dresser with other exchanges. Thank you Edgar!

Here is the F&S i rec'd from Annette W. here in AZ. I love it but not sure how i am gong to finish this one yet. Thanks Annette!

Hopefully this week i will a few smaller finishes to share from my WIP pile.


Carolyn NC said...

Love the exchanges and your finish! I just bought this one myself!

Vonna said...

I don't regret taking a step back from exchanging one bit...I'm getting beautiful things done for me :) I'm sure you'll see the same for yourself! In the meantime, you've received gorgeous things :)
And your TSG finish is stunning...did your coffee/tea dye and bake your fabric? It's gorgeous!

Brigitte said...

Your Sampler Girl finish is gorgeous and I can't wait to see it framed in that black frame.
You've received some very nice exchanges. But I can understand you more than well. I'll be stepping back from exchnages, too, and I'm looking forward to the time when my committment stitching will be done and I can stitch on my own things for a while.

karen said...

Vonna, yep i did coffee dye & bake that fabric. eventhough it was Sand color i wanted to try it with it, it turned out good. definitely different than all my other pieces i have dyed. LOL but it was darker to begin with.
And, yes i think it will be good for awhile to stitch for me. I love the exchanges but i kill myself with way too many of them and it seemed like Jan/Feb this year that is ALL i did. OY! will power, i need some will power! LOL

CindyMae said...

All are lovely pieces. I need to try and get my hands on My Everything as I love that design! Love the pin keep from Edgar, it is just too cute! Great square you received as well!!

Wendy said...

Great finish and how nice the exchange!!

staci said...

Beautiful finish!!! And your exchanges are lovely too :)

Cindy F. said...

That's a beautiful finish!! Congrats! and really pretty exchanges you've received:)
I also stepped back from exchanging for a while. I needed to regroup;)