Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cruise and an exchange

HI! Doug and I are back from our cruise with his family last week. It was alot of fun, got some sun and had some yummy drinks everyday. :) Cabo San Lucas wasn't all it was cracked up to be, quite dirty, etc, but we just walked around and shopped a bit. We did go to Sammy Hagar's bar, Cabo Wabo both days we were docked there.
this pic is of Land's End in Cabo.

this is Doug and I on the ship in front of Land's End

I have a finish that landed for the exchange i was in, pin pillow exchange organized by BeckySC. I stitched BBD's Bluebird for Marie. I am in the process of finishing the stithcing on this for myself as well. :)
here is the pic I took of teh pin pillow for Marie

I stole one of Marie's pics because i forgot to get a pic of the pillow with the rusted safety pin in it. DUH!


Candi said...

First I would like to say that I just love the piece stitched at the top of your blog. And second, I also went to Cabo on a cruise and I thought it was dirty, etc. as well. The one good thing though was that it was very cheap on food and drinks right when you got off of the boat. We also went to Mazatlan and Puerto Valarta and Cabo was probably the most clean! lol dId you go anywhere else?
P.S If you said any of the answers to my questions in later posts please excuse them, I havent got that far yet I got stuck on the first one :)

Karen said...

Love pin keep! We weren't too impressed with Cabo either....we were there in July and it was just too darn hot and dry! Glad you had fun!

Jules said...

Very nice pin pillow!

Land's End looks very interesting. I have never been to Cabo, but haven't heard much good about it either.

Thanks for sharing the pics from your trip!

FayeRaye said...

Love the pin pillow!~~ Too cute~ And, you guys looked like you were very happy on your cruise...Welcome home, Faye

Ky • said...

So sad! I live in Los Cabos and while it's not necessarily lush and tropical - it is indeed DUSTY... and not overwhelmingly clean. It frustrates me that the Mexican locals don't understand the importance of tourism and cleanliness.

It's too bad that you didn't get a chance to go to San Jose del Cabo - the other city that makes up, "Los Cabos." It's SO much better than Cabo San Lucas. Less "dirty" and more artsy and fun.

Have a wonderful day!

Karen said...

we still made the most of it, dirty or not. LOL we didn't get to do any excursions because Doug couldn't make up his mind. GRRR then it was too late. oh well.
Candi, Cabo is the only place we went to, two days in Cabo. MIL picked the cruise, so we didn't have much of a choice. LOL

Catherine said...

Love your exchange piece!!

Guess maybe I'll take a trip to Cabo off the "If I win the lottery" list!

Carolyn NC said...

Glad you had a good trip and I love your exchange piece!pat

Jeanne said...

Really cute finish - I'm seeing birds on everyone's blogs it seems today. Even though I'm in Phx I have never been to Mexico - DH has never wanted to go so it's not been high on our list. The ocean looks great though- at least a cool front moved in yesterday so we have a few more days to enjoy before it starts getting hot!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog and love seeing all your photos of cross stitch pieces you've finished. One problem: The background of your blog is very dark brown and I'm unable to read your blog posts that go with the photos. Is anyone else having that problem? I'll keep coming back to see the photos but would love to read your blog too!!!
Kasey in North Carolina

Patti said...

Just gorgeous. Love the Pinkeep and shall have to stitch it and maybe even finish it myself.
Patti xxx