Sunday, January 27, 2008

PIF challenge

Here is the PIF challenge i am having. I explained it in my last post but i don't think i worded it right. LOL

Here is how it works.

The first 6 people that post a comment to this post, expressing interest in being part of my PIF challenge, will get something stitched and finished by me between now and Dec. 31, 2008.

In turn you must start a PIF, posting to your blog the same challenge and accept 6 people to send a PIF to. Then they do it to their blog and so on and so on.


becca said...

I'd like to be part of your PIF contest.


Ruth said...

Hiya Karen!!!! I found you! :) I just love looking at all your stitching :)

kimstitch3 said...

HI there Karen, I love your site. YOu do beautiful work. I just started a blog in January. Mine is just wips though. when i get my rear in gear and get my finished pieces on there, I will send you the link. take care and happy stitching to you and Happy Valentines Day,Kimberly in TN

I found your blog link from the 123stitch site