Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Bourse is finally finished! yeah!

Well, here is my finished Bourse from the M Designs class i took in Myrtle Beach at the PALS convention in Oct 07. I have had the stitching done for awhile but finally finished it into a Bourse today with the help of my Aunt (I can't sew).

And here is a pic of my niece (almost 2yrs old). I watch her and my nephew during the week and this was her with her ketchup face, on the wall, etc. She was licking her plate clean, literally. LOL

The weather has been great here in AZ. It rained a couple days last week so the weeds are growing like crazy. AHHH!!! It has been really n ice out this weekend in the 60's i believe, enough to keep at least one door open. Didn't do too much this past week. Finished up my last appointment with the eye doctor for the MS research study i WAS doing. I dropped out completely, no more appts. yeah. the meds were causing the swelling in my eye (not noticable to me, just the dr with dilation), since i am no longer on meds, the swelling has gone down considerably.

I have been reading Teejay's blog (her link is at the left of my blog) and enjoying her scrapbook pages with her stitching and really considering doing this with some of my smaller projects that are just sitting here waiting to be "finished".

All 3 of the kids who tried out for their school teams made it. YEAH! Caitie is playing on the JV softball team for Centennial HS, Dustin is playing softball for his JHS (they won't let the boys play baseball in our district, stupid) and Josh made his JHS team for baseball. THis will be a very busy season running all around for all of the games.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like my scrapbook, I hope to inspire more stitchers still. I am always uplifted to see stitchers from AZ, it is great to have a location in common with other stitchers.

Vonna said...

Hurray! I love your bourse! It's super :)

Michele said...

love your bourse! congrats on the finish :)

and congrats to all the kids .. you will definately be busy! lol

becca said...

Your bourse is awesome! What a great idea. And your niece is so cute. What a lovely little lady.