Friday, February 29, 2008


Well, first off, TGIF! It has been a hell of week. Our dog Bailey got into something yesterday in the backyard and collapsed, so off to the vet in a major rush. They gave her oxygen, iv fluids, antibiotics (at least 2 really strong ones), drew blood and nothing showed there. She was non-responsive, just there (gums were white, not good) and she just didn't care what the vet was doing to her which is not our dog at all. She is scared to death of the vet normally. She came home with us last night with the IV still in for the "just in case" we had to go to the ER with her. She didn't sleep all night, which means, either did we. She is more peppy today, she looks 100% better but really only about 80% better. Thank goodness i was outside pulling weeds yesterday or we might not have Bailey with us.

Sunday is mine and Doug's 12th anniversary, so we will go out to dinner and maybe a movie tomorrow night. I really want to see "The Bucket List" so we will see. We are also going for a ride to Flagstaff first thing tomorrow morning (couple hour drive) to get breakfast at this little cafe in Clint's Wells. When Doug goes hunting the guys all go there at least once if not more for breakfast.Small little cafe, cheap and lots of really good food. And if there is snow, we will go play in the snow for a little bit until i whine it is too cold. LOL

As for stitching, I finished my Dog House Sampler by LHN on Monday. I think it turned out really cute with the buttons added instead of stitching the large dog bone.

I also stitched 2 very small pieces from JBW Advent Calendar for a RR. And i also stitched my fair and square's this week but can't show them as of yet.

Well, I am going to try to scrapbook a page or two of my stitching this weekend. Teejay (link at the left of my blog) is doing this and it is a fabulous idea for smaller projects you just don't want to frame. So, i am going to give it a try.

Other exciting news, Caitie our 16yr old DD got her drivers license on Tuesday. Of course that means i haven't seen too much of my car this week. oh well, she is a very good driver.


Anonymous said...

Firstly, I want to say Happy Anniversary! Flagstaff sounds like a great anniversary get away. My hubby and I went up to Pinetop for the first time on our anniversary last September (our 17th). It seems we have a lot in common. My (youngest) daughter is about to turn 16 and we will have to do the driving thing soon as well. My hubby used to hunt but hasn't lately. I bet he would just love to start again.

I'm sorry to hear about your dog being ill, I hope he recuperates.

Your doghouse looks so cute and thanks for mentioning me here, I feel a little bit famous when people do that.

P.s. I would like to get together one of these days and get to know each other better.

~*~Julie~*~ said...

Hi Karen! :) That doghouse sampler is the cutest I've ever seen. Actually, it is the only one I've ever I have to have it too! LOL :) GREAT job stitching, too!