Monday, March 3, 2008

I've been TAGGED

Was reading Teejay's blog and looks like she got me! LOL I'm game. I need to share 7 weird or interesting things about myself. well, let's see what i can think of. hmmmmmmm........

1. DH and I were born on the same day, same year. I am 8 hours older than him. SO, that makes me 40 in July before him. UGH!

2. My taste in music is all over the board, anywhere from Yanni (alot of people think that is weird but i just love his music, very relaxing, have been listening to him since i was 25 or so) to Metalica and everything in between. If you were to go in my car right now and i was the last one driving, it would be on 104.7 which is hip hop. LOL

3. I sometimes take a Yoga class for MS (Multiple Sclerosis). It is a great class and is not that hard to do. I really enjoy it and really need to get back to the next class coming up. I was diagnosed in Oct 2000 and my mother also has MS diagnosed in 1992.

4. I sometimes dance like a fool around the house to get my nephew aggitated. LOL he hates when i dance but sometimes he will dance too (he is 4 1/2).

5. When i was in 4th grade I joined the band and played the flute (i was first chair through HS). I rec'd the Pingry Band School scholarship (in NJ) for the 1st year players for a 2 week summer course at band school. The following year in 5th grade, i didn't get a scholarship but still wanted to go to band school instead of going to FL to DisneyWorld with the family. My parents paid for it and my Aunt & Uncle stayed with me so i could go. That's when i also learned how to play Clarinet as well.

6. I have broken my right arm when i was 5 jumping off a stoop, broke my left arm when i was 13 running to first base in softball tryouts in 8th grade (there was a pebble stuck in my shoe and i got stuck in the blacktop), tore the ligiment in half in my left ankle playing softball in 7th grade in PE class. PE was a rough time in JH in NJ, no real fields there.

7. I have 4 kids the oldest will be 19 in March, then 17 in April and the boys are 14 (not twins, mine and his) I have the oldest 3 from a previous marriage and the youngest is Doug's from his 1st marriage). We are both on our 2nd marriage and that's it! we just celebrated 12 years together yesterday.

I have no finishes as of today so far and no scrapbook pages started like i wanted to. Spring cleaning yesterday. But here are a few pics of the snow in Flagstaff that DH and i went to see on Saturday.

This last pic is of Bailey sleeping on Doug's lap (for hours) Saturday night. She has been very lovey dovey since her ordeal the other day. I believe she really knows that she almost died and is really clingy now. She is a 45lb english springer spaniel and really not a lap dog (feels like 100lbs when she is sleeping). But who could say no to her.


Michele said...

wow, you are weird! lol .. I played the flute up to 10th grade .. too funny!

Glad to hear Bailey is doing better!

Nice pictures .. Doug is a real cutie :)

Anonymous said...

I always tease my husband about being older than me, especially on our last birthdays in Oct/Nov 2007 We both turned 40 years old. He is 26 days older than me.