Monday, March 31, 2008

My first pinkeeps

Well, here are my first 2 pinkeeps i have attempted. THey turned out okay, can be better, but not bad for a first try. I used Vonna's instructions which were awesome, talks you right through it without a problem (which is great for me because i am a more "visual/hands on" learner and these were very easy instructions). THanks Vonna! I glued one piece and the other piece i attempted my idea of lacing. LOL I kind of like the lacing better than the gluing but i need to get the piece a little more straight. (it's the purple/yellow one) These were both freebie patterns i stitched awhile ago and do not remember who they are by, etc.

Also, I am doing a PIF and this is how it works (it is already posted here on my blog but just want to see if there are any other takers, I have 1 so far). You sign up for my PIF (just by leaving a comment on this post and emailing me at saying you would like to be included, i will let you know if you are in the first 6) and you will receive something made by me by the end of this year and in return you post the same on your blog and PIF as well. I will take 6 participants and in return you do the same. I would like to get a couple others to do the "made by me" PIF if I can and anyone is willing and if i don't fill the 6 I will do RAK for the remaining #'s i have. I hope this is not as clear as mud. LOL


Vonna said...

YEP Lacing is better all around...I learned that as I went :) I can't see any pictures but I'm sure they're great ;)

Ruth said...

Hey Karen! say, since you have a kitchen of cows, would you like my Americow pattern... once I find the original? lol I have my working copy, but I know I saw the original not so long ago. Heck it's gotta be around here somewhere.

Love your pinkeeps!!!! congrats!!!!

I'd be honored to join your PIF!

Michele said...

love your pinkeeps! woo hoo :)

~*~Julie~*~ said...

Karen, those are AWESOME! I haven't tried making pinkeeps yet because I'm too chicken. 90% of my finishes are in a rubbermaid container. LOL!

I'm so proud of you! They are just beautiful and I hope you do many many more!