Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Stash

Well, i had a great stash day today! I got a couple things in the mail and went to my LNS earlier today and spoiled myself. That's right, I needed it after these last couple weeks. I rec'd in the mail PS Forget-Me-Nots leaflet along with their new freebie "peep", Bunnelicious by Stitching Bee Designs on loan to me so I need to get stitching on that one later on tonight. At the LNS (Needler's Nest in Surprise AZ) I picked up BC Smell the Flowers from the red thread series, JBW french country Dog, a pack of John James needles, LHN - Schoolgirl Lessons with 2 skeins of NPI silks in Atlantic Blue range, JBW french country Bunny with Caron Waterlilies Baby Breath and Quaker Moments by Debbie Draper Designs along with NPI Crimson Tide range (red) 2 skeins. This was definiely a pick me up for myself. Now to go sit down and stitch, cook dinner then Doug and I will be going to work out later on.


Teejay said...

What a great haul!! I was thinking of getting that same jbw bunny but passed on it for now. There is another blogger who works at that store in Surprise, her site is Reflections of a Desert Rat(look on my sidebar for link). I was considering asking you if you wanted to go shopping at a lns but I guess it's too late now, some other time maybe.

Michele said...

woo hoo! great stash! sounds like a fun trip to your LNS :)

I see you got my email with the blinkies link .. having fun?? lol

~*~Julie~*~ said...

I think the choice you made in color for the French Country Bunny is absolutely PERFECT! Please be sure to post WIP pics and of course your finish. :) I think it is marvelous! Pastels are just right for that design!!!


Ruth said...

Have a Happy Easter, Karen!!! I've got a question though.... do you have to stitch so fast???? lol