Thursday, July 10, 2008

LHN scissor fob for myself

Well, on my birthday last week i decided to stitch for myself all day. So i chose to make a small scissor fob using "Patience" thread pack chart from LHN. I only used a little portion of it and stitched it over one. I really really LOVE how it turned out and it is soooo small. But i might think about doing some other patterns over 1 now and not just a motif or two. LOL I also finished up a quilt square for Cole's Quilts that is long overdue. So I do have 2 pics to share of my stitching.

All my current stitching is for exchanges so I cannot share as of yet, but soon. I am only working on exchanges, etc this weekend (today through finished).

Doug and I had a great time at our 40th birthday party, lots of friends, family, great food, drinks, lots and lots of drinks. OY! We stayed at our friends house (where the party was held) for the night which was a very good thing. Lets just say that we had lots to drink(which doesn't happen with me very often), there was a bucket (at the end of the night) and i have a black eye. It's not a proud moment in my life, but, well, you only turn 40 once. LOL Oh well, it's getting better, changing colors everyday. hanging head in shame

Here is Doug and I when they brought out the cheesecakes and cherries jubilee (i think)

It's been a very very rainy night here in AZ and i love it. Our backyard of course is now flooded, but should be dry by tomorrow night when it should start again. It's Monsoon season.


Irene said...

Lovely fob. Sounds like you had a great party !

Barbeeque4 said...

That is a great fob!!!! It sounds liek you both gad a great BD Party!! In Oct I'll hit 45 - so I remember the big 40!!

Have a great weekend!!

Maxine said...

Belated birthday wishes to you both :) Love the scissor fob too.

Kathy A. said...

Lovely fob - and over 1 - very nice.
Congratulations on your 40th Birthdays - onward and upward!!!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

What great finishes!