Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Round Robin finishes

HI All, well i have just a couple smallish finishes that are for a RR i am in. I finished up Ruth's RR over the weekend and since I already had Chris's in my possession i stitched hers up real quick in one night. So these are off in the mail to the next person to stitch (Karen watch your mailbox).

Ruth's RR, Faith by LHN

Chris's RR, Oct Heart by Sweetheart Tree

I am stitching on a couple exchanges so can't share pics of those yet. Just sweating our butts off here in AZ and now it is getting humid to add to the 115 degree weather. it's just plain icky!


Ruth said...

Oh sure, stitch Chris' in one night. Sure. Go ahead and prove what a slow stitcher I am! lol

Ok, I guess I can't harass you though -- you stitched such a pretty square on my RR. :)

Enjoy the dry heat! I keep reminding myself it matters, but somewhere passed 110 it seems to be all hypothetical.

becca said...

The RR's look great. The owners are going to be thrilled.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

They both are beautiful!
Hybernating from the icky sticky hot weather here too in Phx.

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful!