Thursday, June 26, 2008

Little finishes

Well, i stitched a little biscournu for myself from a freebie pattern from a french site "Aurelle". I think it turned out really cute, it is only 2" squared. the pic just doesn't do it justice, the button is in a little deeper in the middle than it looks. And, again, i really do love those poly pellets to fill them. I also finished tonight, my 4th of July Fair & Squares i rec'd from Carolyn F. I made a little bean bag out of them. I just added it to my collection of decorations for the holiday. I used the biscournu finishing technique just perfectly square and it turned out great (again, poly pellets). I also have a square i finished for Ayden T. for COle's quilts (very late, but finally got it done).

I do have my F&S #7 sent out but they haven't been rec'd yet so can't post those pics yet.

I think that is about all for tonight.

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