Monday, June 9, 2008

WIP's & UFO's Oh My!

Okay, as promised here are my pics of my WIP's/UFO's. I knew i had alot but taking a picture of them just made it worse! This is really embarrassing and i feel like i need this to get motivated to get these pieces done. The only new projects i will start now are for exchanges/RR's ONLY. When i finish a piece then i can start a new one, but am going to try to get a couple done before i do that. And i know there are probably a couple in this group that i probably just don't feel like doing anymore and i need to make a decision on those ones as well.

ALso, here is a pic of the biscournu i finished last night. It is the squares i rec'd from Pam from the Fair & Square exchange. I finally sat down and finished it into the biscournu and i think it turned out really great.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Well as far as the WIP and UFO's go.... I am glad I am not alone...
I need to take pictures too maybe then I will work on them.... although the thought of pictures of them scares me.. LOL

The biscornu is beautiful.

CraftyT said...

I think we can all say we are all together when it comes to WIP's and UFO's
Karen you have some really cute things going. The Always and Forever from LHN I stitched and LOVED it. I have made the same promise to myself,no more new starts till I work on some WIP's. THat is why I am putting together a rotation.
Good luck,YOU CAN DO IT.

Ruth said...

lol Love the collection! I say you have a marvelous, museum-ready collection of WIPS and UFOs there! If they were kids they could go to camp with mine and be plenty to keep a whole herd of counselors busy. ;-)

I found that the picture thing really helped motivate me-- so here's hoping it helps you too!

jojo said...

There are some lovely peices there, especially love the halloween one.
Well done on the biscornu, you did a lovely job!

kimstitch3 said...

I love your biscornu you made. I want to learn how . I have a blog and your name is on my I look at your stuff all the time.Please enter me in your drawing. I really need fabbie.Hint Love ya, thanks again,KImberly