Friday, June 6, 2008

Wow, It's June already....

I am still here just haven't had much to say. Well it is getting hot here in AZ and the kids are already getting bored with summer. There's nothing to dooooo....let's go here, let's go there. AHHHHH! Actually it hasn't been too bad so far, but that is what i will be hearing real soon I am sure of it. Doug and I will be heading out to Laughlin NV on Thursday through SUnday (next weekend the 12th) with a couple of our friends. That will be alot of fun and hopefully profitable (but highly unlikely). LOL

We (Doug & I) also have less than a month before we both turn the big "40". We are going to be having a party, a 40/40 party (since our birthday is the same day/year, I am 8hours older) but not sure where or when yet. Plans are in the works (friends of ours are helping with the planning so i really don't know what is going on).

Well, i have been stitching alot and have some finishes but can't show a few of them because they are for exchanges that haven't been rec'd yet. But here is one that i stitched for a RR and then 2 fair & square exchanges i just rec'd in the last couple days.

This is Nancy's RR.

These are the squares i received from Darla for the Fair & Square Round 7. I love them but am not sure what i am going to do with them yet (like all the other squares i have so far) LOL

Here is the package and squares i received from Carolyn f. for the 4th of July fair & square exchange. She really spoiled me with all the goodies she included and the wonderful squares.

As for other stitching, well, i just started last night working on Halloween Fairy by Mirabilia and am cruising along pretty good on it. I am in the process of making a biscournu for MYSELF out of the first fair & square exchange i rec'd, will show pics when i finish it.Also working on wip's/ufo's really trying to get some work done on them. Since Ruth showed a pic of her wip's/ufo's on her blog i feel inspired to do so as well, hoping it will nudge me in the butt to get moving on them before starting anymore projects. ROFLMAO! But i will take a pic hopefully this weekend and post it here and will hang my head in shame when i do, it may take more than a couple pics. OY!

well, i need to go stitch some and relax before heading off for bed.


Terry said...

Very pretty! I have four little ones oldest is 9 and the youngest is 2. The oldest already said yesterday she was bored and had nothing to do. Yesterday was the first full day of summer vacation so I know I'm in for some fun this summer! LOL

Sharon said...

I have 3 kids and my daughter started the very first official day of vacation-saying she was bored! So, I understand.

Both sets of squares are pretty and the RR finish is lovely!

Bette said...

Lovely Stitching, Karen. You know how old my kids are and they still whine about being bored!

Needler's Nest

anna*in*oki said...

Karen, I wanted to let you know your lovely stitching just arrived in Okinawa! Thanks so much! Sorry you had to mail it twice. Not sure what happened. Have a fun summer with the kiddos!
Anna E.

becca said...

Your squares are awesome. If you have alot of squares laying around make you a quilt out of them.It would be so pretty.

My sister is having the same problem with her 4 kids. So I went bought them a pool. We only live a few blocks from each other, So i'm going to set it up in my fenced in back yard. I think it's going to be a looong summer. LOL

Kathy A. said...

Beautiful work. I'll bet it is getting hot in AZ. We finally are having some warm weather here. I have yet to make any money in Laughlin - hopefully you two will hit the jackpot and celebrate 40 in style.

Ruth said...

Hey Karen, I'm looking to your embarrassing photo of your WIPs/UFOs. lol How cool... same day same year. Happy bdays in advance!

And I love all the stitching and exchanges. Thanks for sharing!

Meari said...

Those look great!