Friday, December 5, 2008

Coffee dyed/baked fabric and exchange rec'd

Hi all! I was at it again with the coffee dying/baking fabric. I love how this process makes the fabric look. I got the directions from Staci's blog (on my sidebar). The only thing i am doing differently is soaking the whole piece of fabric then wringing it out and leaving it crinkled up but laying somewhat flat on the foil on cookie sheet. I LOVE it. I dyed some 32ct cream evenweave and 40ct sand linen yesterday. The first 2 pics are the 32ct cream evenweave front & back of one piece and the 3rd pic is the 40ct. The pictures just don't do the color any justice. They are just soooo yummy and perfect for samplers or primitive style designs.

I just found out that WendyJo has finally rec'd her christmas F&S from me. I had mailed this one out on the 11/22ish with a couple stamps on it and it just arrived. The PO must have hid it or something because she just got it yesterday. OY! I stitched Heartfelt Harvey by Imaginating out of this year's JCS ornie issue. He was such a fun stitch and am already stitching him for myself but on red evenweave using white dmc and over 1.

We have also been in major potty training mode with my 2yr old niece who i watch during the week. It is finally starting to click and knock on wood, no accidents at all this week. WOOHOO!!!! Those M&M's sure work for reward for trying and or going to the potty!!!! Here is a pic of Ally or aka Miss Hollywood, singing Twinkle Star on Thanksgiving.

Caitie only has 2 weeks left of high school then she graduates. She will be walking with her class in May 2009 though, we said so and so did she. Caitie said if i worked all these years to get this far, I am walking with my class! good for her! She will be starting at the junior college in January with a fully loaded schedule, still doing her volunteer work at the hospital and working part time at JCPenneys.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Those fabrics look so wonderful!

The F&S is so cute....

Way to go miss Ally!! Keep it up and pretty soon you will be a real big girl!

Congrats to Caitie on her finishing High School so soon. Much luck and good wishes for her College stage in life.

staci said...

Your fabric looks gorgeous...I'm sure you'll enjoy stitching on it! Darling F&S too.

Congrats to Caitie and Ally...both making achievements at different stages of life :)

Cindy F. said...

Karen, thanks for leaving your sweet comment on my blog! and now I've found yours! Great site:)
Your fabric turned out really nice!
You F&S piece is sooo cute:)
Hope you visit again. I've added you to my bloglist. Have a great weekend!

Candi said...

I love the fabric! I do have a question... Can you please please please tell me how to get different backgrounds then the standard ones? Your christmas background is so beautiful... I want one too. :)

Bette said...

Your fabric is beautiful and so is your cute niece. Congratulations to Caitie and good job so finishing early. Merry Christmas!