Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ornament finishes

Well, i have been busy today! I was on a finishing frenzy here in AZ during a very rainy day. I am trying to get all my ornaments for our friends finished by Friday, the party is Saturday night. Here are 4 of them that are "finished" so far.
front of two

back of the above two



Also, now that i know that Michele has received her package from me, here is the ornament i stitched for her. It is from The Sampler Girl. One is a freebie and the other is from her "book" of patterns. I put them back to back on one ornament and really like how it turned out.

that's all for now. need to finish up some stitching and get ready to do more finishing tomorrow.


Nicole said...

Beautiful finishes Karen! So does that mean your all done for the exchange?? :) I love the one you sent Michele. I'm sure she was very happy with it!

Wendy said...

Great ornament finishes! I followed the link from Michele's blog...now to find the Peppermint Twist blog!

karen said...

Nicole, no, these ornaments are for our friends on our softball team for our annual christmas party this weekend. I still have to start on Chris's after christmas. LOL I'm not a speedy as you are!!!

Cindy F. said...

Really beautiful ornies and beautiful finishes on each!! You've been busy!! Good job:)

Beth said...

I love your ornaments - your friends will too!! You almost got me talked into the Peppermint Twist sampler, but there is no way ever that I could stitch on 40ct fabric!!

Have a great holiday if I don't "see" you before then!!

staci said...

Your ornaments looks wonderful!!! Really lovely stitching and finishing!!!