Sunday, November 9, 2008

Small Finishes for the weekend

Well this weekend brought on a nice cold and sore throat for me thanks to my niece who has had it all last week. Oh well, hopefully it will go away soon. i hate feeling blah. We did the MS Walk yesterday here in Phoenix and had alot of fun. We had 11 of us walking with some of them being my daughter's friends supporting her as well. There were a few groups that were all dressed up for teh walk, there were the Star Wars clan (storm troopers, darth vader, chewy, etc in full get up), ghostbusters in full get up, renaissance women, pirates, etc.

I do have a few little finishes from this week and weekend. I finished up a pine mountain pillow, flowers wrap. I started this one on thursday and finished friday, very quick and fun. I also finished up a freebie last week and made it into an ornament tonight. I have two finishes for today. The first is Alphabet Tree by Blue Ribbon designs (freebie), i stitched this one over one using Carries Creations in Bubble Gum. I made this into a pincushion for myself. And the other finish is a LHN christmas ornament from the JCS 2005 issue that i finished stitching up tonight. I changed this one up a bit by adding "Christmas 2008" instead of family name. I plan on stitching and ornament for each of our friends on our softball team (each family) and this is the first of the group.

I am currently working on christmas ornaments and LHN's From Sea to Shining Sea, which i LOVE.

We actually had a nice thunderstorm here in AZ (at least in Peoria, i hear other parts didn't get it). We had hail and all and my dorky dog just stood out in it loving it. LOL Since it was rainy and two of us in the house are sick i made a pot of homemade chicken noodle soup, and it was yummy.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Some lovely finishes Karen.
Here is Phx at least a my house... we got a rain bucket poured on us for a short time .... what a tease... we wanted more rain.

Candi said...

Your finishes are very nice. I'am new to stitching and blogging. I love to stitch, but I get overwhelmed if I start to much at one time. I was wondering where you get your freedies from? Online? I'm sorry that might seem silly but the word freebie is new to me. :)

staci said...

Very cute finishes, congrats! What is the pattern name for the second one, the swirly Christmas tree?

Shelleen said...

love the ornaments and hope you are feeling better soon.

stitchmama said...

Hi Karen,
I am new to blogging and was lucky enough to stumble onto your site. Wow, you have done some amazing xstitch work. I have been a stitcher for many years now too. I would love it if you would share the designer for the adorable snowman that you stitched for your swap. Thanks Patty

Sharon said...

Great finshes! congrats.

Michele said...

nice finishes sweetie! Check out my blog .. you've been tagged! lol :)