Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Almost a new year already

I can't believe how fast this past year has gone! It feels like the kids had just started back to school not long ago and here we are with the new year ready to start and another new semester for the kids. Time sure flies!
I really don't want to make any resolutions for the new year, as I just never stick to them anyways. LOL
I received my ornament from Chris the other day and some very pretty fabric. The Christmas socks didn't make it to the picture as they are already in the wash, my feet were cold when i opened the package and look at that, a pair of socks. LOL Thanks Chris, I love the ornament!! and goodies!!

Last year in the Fair & Square Christmas Round I rec'd my squares from WendyJo. She stitched Jolly Holiday by Lizzie Kate and I finally finished them this past week.

Finely Finished has also been busy (if you didn't already know, that is my finishing service). Ruth sent me an ornament and another piece to be made into a No Sew Cube. For the ornament I just used some pretty trimming with just one gold pin at the top, simple but that is all this beautiful piece needed. :) and the no sew cube was for Ruth's nephew so no "bows" keep it simple and non-girlie. LOL I used the fabric that Ruth had sent to me (for both pieces actually) and I think they turned out pretty good.

Michele had also sent me a couple pieces to be finished. There is Sew Noel that I made into an ornament for her, another simple ornament, as it didn't need anything busy or funky on it. Now, the no sew cube, funky. I love the colors and both Michele and I like funky. LOL I had this fabric that came in a pack and it just worked perfectly. I think the bows turned out pretty good too. Michele seems to like them, so that is good!! :)

One last item that I finished last week for myself is the LK 2008 Christmas Kit. I made it into a Flat-fold and really liked how it turned out.
Have a safe and happy new year everyone!


Chris said...

I'm glad you like the ornament. And love the finishes you did for others. Happy almost New Years.

stitchinfiend said...

You have been busy with finishing. They all look great,

staci said...

Fantastic finishes Karen! Have a Wonderful New Year!!!

Karen said...

Great finishes! Love the fabric for the LK is perfect. Hope you have many happy stitches in the new year too!

Carolyn NC said...

Great gift and wonderful finishes!

Brigitte said...

You have been very busy lately. All these finishes are perfect.
Happy 2010.

Kathy A. said...

What gorgeous finishes Karen. I like your eye for color. Your fabrics to finish each piece and your technique are wonderful.

Raggedy Ann said...

Stopping in to say hello, your finishes are beautiful!!!

Louise in NC