Monday, December 7, 2009

Fair & Square pics

I have finally uploaded the pics of my fair & squares that I rec'd from Sabine in Germany. Sabine stitched this wonderful stocking for me. Hopefully i will get it "finished" into an ornament by this weekend. I love it and it's red. Thank you so much Sabine!

Also, here is the ornament that i stitched for Kathy in the ornament exchange from the 123 message board. It is a freebie pattern but do not recall the name or designer. I found the cutest trimming for it. I am going to have to stitch him for myself as well (seems to be a pattern here with all the exchanges i have done lately). LOL

And, lastly, here are a couple of the other family pics we had taken yesterday. One of the whole family just pondering life. LOL and the other is of Doug and I.


Vonna said...

A beautiful family and a beautiful couple :)
Those are great pictures!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

What wonderful stitching.
You have a beautiful family!

Nita said...

The stocking and the snowman are great - yes, you must stitch a snowman for yourself.
Beautiful family - you are blessed.
As an aside - I lived on West Beryl in Peoria many, many moons ago - loved the weather in winter - but summers were just too darn hot!

Carolyn NC said...

Wonderful family pictures. Nice exchange and finish!

Siobhan said...

Great family pics--you have a beautiful family. :) Looks like you have fun together.

Beautiful stitching!

Pumpkin said...

Your family pictures are wonderful! What a beautiful couple you are :o)

Love your ornie!

Brigitte said...

Very nice exchange stitching. And some great family pictures.